Apple is making waves in the mixed reality (MR) space with its Vision Pro headset. Here’s a breakdown of the latest developments surrounding Vision Pro:

Affordable Vision Pro on the Horizon

  • Apple is scouting for new suppliers of OLED-on-silicon (OLEDoS) display panels, hinting at a more budget-friendly version of Vision Pro.
  • Current supplier Sony offers high-resolution displays but has limited production capacity.
  • Apple has reportedly reached out to LG Display and Samsung Display, known for larger OLED panels. These potential panels would be around 2.0-2.1 inches with a lower pixel density (around 1,700 PPI) compared to the current Vision Pro’s display.
  • This points towards a potential entry-level Vision Pro model with a more accessible price tag.

AI Integration for a Smarter Vision Pro (But Not This Year)

  • Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggests Apple is considering integrating its recently launched Apple Intelligence platform into the Vision Pro.
  • Apple Intelligence boasts features like enhanced Siri, improved proofreading tools, and custom emojis.
  • However, Gurman cautions that Apple Intelligence won’t be available on Vision Pro in 2024. The company is still grappling with how to best adapt these features for the mixed reality experience.

AirPods Pro Getting a Vision Pro Boost?

  • Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts a significant upgrade for AirPods with the addition of built-in infrared (IR) cameras by 2026.
  • These IR cameras would work seamlessly with the Vision Pro headset, potentially enhancing spatial computing and audio experiences.
  • Mass production for the new AirPods with integrated IR cameras might begin as early as next year, according to Kuo.
  • The IR camera functionality is expected to be similar to the Face ID receiver on iPhones.

A More Accessible and Feature-Rich MR Ecosystem

Apple’s explorations indicate a multi-pronged approach to the MR market. The potential for a more affordable Vision Pro could broaden its user base. Additionally, integrating AI and working on advanced AirPods features showcase Apple’s commitment to creating a comprehensive and user-friendly MR ecosystem. While we might not see all these advancements come to fruition this year, they paint an exciting picture of the future for Apple’s mixed reality endeavors.

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