In a dynamic landscape where technology plays a pivotal role in driving business outcomes, Ajit Narayanan, Chief Product and Technology Officer (CTPO) at Licious, emphasizes the importance of adopting a business-first outlook among Indian developers. Speaking at DevSparks 2024, a renowned developer summit hosted by YourStory in Bengaluru, Narayanan urged developers and engineering leaders to transcend traditional silos and recognize the interconnectedness of technology and business.

The Shift Towards Business-Driven Technology:

Narayanan advocates for a paradigm shift where developers prioritize understanding how their technical innovations contribute to overarching business objectives. Drawing from his own journey—from a tech-centric background to spearheading product development and eventually venturing into the realm of business—Narayanan emphasizes the necessity of aligning technological efforts with business imperatives. He asserts that while coding remains integral, developers must transcend mere technical proficiency and cultivate a holistic understanding of business dynamics.

The Evolution of Tech and Business Integration:

Highlighting the evolving landscape of technology, Narayanan underscores the increasing abstraction levels in coding and the consequential need for developers to adopt a solution-oriented mindset. He warns against the pitfalls of tunnel vision, where developers solely focus on coding without contextualizing their efforts within broader business frameworks. Narayanan emphasizes the importance of anticipating market shifts and proactively aligning technological solutions with emerging business needs.

Licious’ Tech-Driven Business Model:

Narayanan offers insights into Licious’ innovative approach to integrating technology across its meat supply chains. As Licious endeavors to ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality meat, Narayanan explains the intricate framework underpinning its operations. From leveraging cold supply chain technology to deploying accurate demand prediction models, Licious prioritizes efficiency and precision at every stage of its operations. Narayanan emphasizes the critical role of technology in optimizing inventory management, minimizing wastage, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Automation and Metrics:

At Licious, technology serves as a cornerstone of operational excellence, with automation being a key focus area. Narayanan underscores the startup’s commitment to automating processes wherever feasible and attaching quantifiable metrics to every technological innovation. By instilling a culture of accountability and emphasizing the business impact of technological advancements, Licious empowers its developers to contribute meaningfully to the company’s growth trajectory.

Embracing Innovation in a Dynamic Landscape:

Innovation lies at the heart of technological advancement, and Narayanan’s message resonates as a clarion call for developers to embrace a culture of innovation. By challenging traditional paradigms and fostering a spirit of creativity, developers can unlock new opportunities for business growth and differentiation in an increasingly competitive market.

Fostering Collaboration Across Disciplines:

The integration of technology and business necessitates cross-disciplinary collaboration, where developers, product managers, and business leaders work in tandem to drive holistic solutions. Narayanan emphasizes the importance of breaking down silos and fostering synergies across teams to tackle complex challenges and deliver value to customers.

Strategic Foresight and Adaptability:

In a landscape characterized by rapid change and uncertainty, strategic foresight is paramount. Narayanan advocates for a forward-thinking approach where developers anticipate market shifts, identify emerging trends, and pivot swiftly to capitalize on new opportunities. By embracing adaptability and resilience, developers can navigate the complexities of the digital landscape with confidence and agility.

Empowering Developers as Agents of Change:

At the heart of Narayanan’s message is the empowerment of developers as agents of change. By equipping developers with the tools, resources, and mindset to drive business impact, organizations can unleash the full potential of their technical talent and catalyze innovation at scale. Narayanan’s vision extends beyond technological prowess, emphasizing the role of developers as strategic partners in shaping the future of business.

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