Reliance Jio Launches JioCinema Premium Plan

Reliance Jio has unveiled its latest subscription offering, the JioCinema Premium plan, aiming to compete with streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The new plan provides users with a range of benefits and features to enhance their entertainment experience. The JioCinema Premium plan starts at an introductory price of Rs 29 per month, offering subscribers an ad-free experience, access to content in up to 4K quality, and the option to download videos for offline viewing. Additionally, subscribers can enjoy exclusive series, movies, and Hollywood content, along with access on any device, including connected TVs.

Family Plan Offerings

In a bid to cater to multi-segment consumption across Indian households, Reliance Jio has introduced a ‘Family’ plan priced at Rs 89 per month. This plan allows simultaneous viewing on four screens and is available at an introductory price of Rs 159 per month. Existing JioCinema Premium members are automatically upgraded to the Family plan at no extra cost.

JioCinema Free vs Premium Plans

While JioCinema continues to offer free content, including live sports like the Indian Premier League (IPL), JioCinema Premium unlocks exclusive international content dubbed in local languages. This means that while free content, including IPL matches, remains accessible, JioCinema Premium members gain access to a wider range of international content in local languages, providing wholesome family entertainment with parental control features.

Empowering Entertainment Ecosystem

Kiran Mani, CEO of Viacom18 Digital, emphasized the importance of creating an entertainment ecosystem that caters to every Indian household. He stated that the introduction of JioCinema Premium aims to break barriers in accessing premium entertainment by offering 4K streaming, high-quality audio, offline viewing, and no device restrictions at customer-centric pricing.

Campaign Rollout

To promote JioCinema Premium, Reliance Jio has launched a campaign titled “Toh Aaj Kya Plan Hai?” The campaign highlights the core benefits of the premium plan while humorously showcasing the dilemma faced by consumers when choosing their entertainment options.

With the launch of JioCinema Premium, Reliance Jio aims to democratize access to quality entertainment for Indian consumers. By offering a range of features and benefits at competitive prices, JioCinema Premium seeks to challenge established players in the streaming industry and provide users with an unparalleled entertainment experience.

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