In her new book, Unashamed, certified sexual trauma therapist Neha Bhat delves into the complexity of sexuality, trauma, relationships, and shame. She has over 15 years of experience treating sexual trauma. Bhat wants to eliminate the stigma associated with talking about mental health issues in India, especially when it comes to trauma and sex. Unashamed offers a way to recover via self-exploration and candidly addresses these subjects, which is refreshing.

Understanding Intergenerational Trauma

The book explores the idea of intergenerational trauma and the ways in which unresolved concerns that are passed down through families can affect us personally. Bhat stresses how crucial it is to provide a secure environment for honest dialogue in order to heal these latent scars.

According to Bhat, the underlying cause of a lot of emotional and behavioral problems is shame. Unashamed helps readers see the messages shame sends and create constructive coping strategies to break free from its grip.

A Holistic Approach

Bhat’s unique perspective combines her training in Buddhist-informed trauma therapy and clinical therapy. She integrates elements of sex education with psychotherapy, offering a holistic approach to healing.

Recognizing the limitations of Western-centric counseling approaches, Bhat specifically tailors “Unashamed” to the Indian socio-cultural context. This ensures the book resonates with readers facing challenges specific to their cultural background.

Generational Differences

Bhat acknowledges the varying needs of different generations. Millennials and Gen Z are often more open to seeking help, while older generations may require a different approach. Unashamed offers insights into navigating mental health across age groups.

Bhat emphasizes the significance of inner work, a process of self-reflection and self-discovery that leads to deeper understanding and healing. She encourages readers to transcend immediate problems and explore the underlying causes of emotional struggles.

Practical Tools for Healing

“Unashamed” equips readers with practical tools for inner work. Bhat provides journaling prompts, self-exploratory exercises, and resources to help individuals break free from the cycle of shame, silence, and self-judgment.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

The book goes beyond simply imparting information. It serves as a catalyst for a transformative journey of self-discovery. Journaling prompts and exercises at the end of each chapter encourage readers to actively engage with the content and personalize their healing process. For those seeking to embark on a path of self-healing and dismantle the barriers of shame, Unashamed offers a valuable guide. Bhat promises a “meditative experience of truth-telling and uncovering layers of your mind” – a journey that can lead to lasting emotional well-being.

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