Introduction to Leanne Pais and The Unopened Box

Leanne Pais founded The Unopened Box in 2020 with the goal of delivering high-quality mental health care via a community-led methodology. With a wide range of licenced therapists, seminars, and neighborhood-based programmes, The Unopened Box has emerged as a leader in mental health education and assistance. As a psychotherapist, Leanne provides a thorough understanding of how mental health is changing in India, considering cultural shifts and a growing willingness to have candid discussions about mental health.

The Changing Perception of Mental Health in India

According to Leanne Pais, there has been a noticeable change in how society views mental health. Her observation of an older couple seeking couples therapy—both of whom were over 60 years old—was a turning point. Leanne points out that although this shift indicates a greater acceptance, many Indians still find it difficult to talk candidly about their mental health. Recalling family members who felt better after talking with her, she pulls from personal experiences to emphasise the widespread need for easily accessible mental health treatment.

Leanne Pais: A Background in Therapy and Trauma Care

Having grown up in a medical family, Leanne recognised the value of therapy from a young age. She has a great deal of experience with trauma and PTSD aftercare as a trauma care specialist with training in art therapy and inner child work. Leanne brings a plethora of knowledge and experience to her practice as an ACA-accredited certified professional supervisor for therapists.

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Mental Health

For many people, the COVID-19 epidemic and international wars have made their anguish, powerlessness, and grief worse. During the pandemic, Leanne was inundated with requests for therapy as individuals faced difficult situations and feelings in dangerous settings. She highlights how the pandemic made people realise how important mental health is, which inspired her to train therapists and move her practice online.

Establishing The Unopened Box

Leanne established The Unopened Box in 2020 after seeing the increasing demand for mental health services. The organisation offers workshops, training, events, and community-based activities in addition to providing qualified mental health treatments through its network of specialists. Our organisation specialises in mental health, namely trauma. Leanne says, “Our mission is to assist individuals who are living with limitations in exploring who they are, realising their potential, and discovering who they are.”

A Holistic Approach to Therapy

Leanne thinks that therapy should be approached holistically. The Unopened Box provides courses on topics such as self-soothing, men’s mental health, nourishing the inner child, and more, in addition to individual, group, and couples therapy. The firm, which was supported by NSRCEL’s Women firm Programme 3.0 and is based at IIM Bangalore, uses art therapy, storytelling, clay workshops, and dance classes to include creativity into therapy.

Overcoming Challenges and Fostering Change

Leanne describes The Unopened Box’s initial feelings of doubt and trepidation. These difficulties help us to pave the way for significant change. We may encounter doubters, but our faith in the healing potential of mental health keeps us moving forward,” she says. With four therapists on staff, the organisation now employs six people and specialises on community work.

Gender Equality in Mental Healthcare

Gender equality has increased in the field of mental health. The ratio of men to women seeking mental health treatment was 20:80 when Leanne started her practice. Currently, 50% of The Unopened Box’s clientele are women and 50% are men. In addition, the startup offers bereavement support groups and training on postpartum depression and mum guilt for young mothers.

The Unopened Box’s Online Community Library

In addition, The Unopened Box maintains an online community library with 78 volumes in its collection and 500 more in the works. These books are offered to clients who like to read and are utilised in workshops. Leanne intends to grow it to include a real library and hold numerous courses and sessions. It is now in its soft launch phase. “We want parents to learn as they teach and bring it home for their kids. She goes on, “Adults learn as they show up for themselves, experiencing emotions through exquisitely chosen books that discuss trauma, grief, love, friendship, sexuality, and more.”

Community-Focused Mental Health Services

The Unopened Box provides services to people from 5 to 88 years old. Both in-person and online therapy sessions start at Rs. 800. The majority of what we do on the job is interact with the community. Leanne states, “We aim to alter mental health in homes, schools, teaching, and many other areas on a systemic level. The startup has led over 16 creative experiences, expanded to 12 different training course types, completed 368 hours of workshops, and given 9,315 hours of treatment thus far.

Global Reach and Future Plans

Across India and beyond, including the UAE, the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, Portugal, and South Africa, are among The Unopened Box’s clientele. “We’re not merely therapists; we’re facilitators of change, bringing in compassion through families in the larger aspects of society,” Leanne maintains. By raising awareness and providing support for mental health on a worldwide level, The Unopened Box hopes to keep growing in both scope and influence.


Leanne Pais and The Unopened Box are prime examples of a community-driven strategy for addressing mental health issues. Leanne and her team are driving a revolution in mental health through creative therapeutic approaches, workshops, and a dedication to trauma resolution. Their research emphasises the value of mental health as well as the therapeutic benefits of compassion and creativity. India’s view of mental health is still developing, but The Unopened Box is a source of encouragement and support for both individuals and groups.

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