Congress Expected to Gain 17 Seats According to Pre-poll Survey

A pre-poll survey conducted by a Kannada media outlet, Eedina, has foreseen a significant victory for the Congress party in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Karnataka. The survey predicts that out of the total 28 seats, Congress is likely to secure victory in 17 seats, while the BJP-JDS alliance is projected to win 11 seats.

Surge in Congress Vote Share Compared to 2019 Polls

The survey indicates that the Congress party is expected to garner approximately 43.77 percent of the votes, marking a considerable surge of nearly 12 percent compared to its performance in the 2019 elections. Conversely, the BJP-JDS alliance is anticipated to witness a decline of 18.7 percent in vote share, securing a gross of 42.35 percent of the votes.

Historical Significance of BJP’s Expected Decline

If the pre-poll survey’s predictions come to fruition, it would signify the first decline for the BJP in Karnataka since the 1996 elections, marking a notable shift in the state’s political landscape.

Survey Methodology and Sample Size

The pre-poll survey conducted by Eedina encompassed a sample size of 52,678 respondents. The survey was conducted between February 15 and March 5, providing insights into the electorate’s sentiments and preferences leading up to the elections.

Public Perception of PM Modi’s Candidacy

According to the survey findings, 49.18 percent of respondents expressed support for Prime Minister Modi’s candidacy for a third term, while only 33.06 percent deemed Modi’s performance as excellent. These insights shed light on the electorate’s views and expectations regarding leadership and governance.

Contrasting Opinion Poll Results

In contrast to the Eedina pre-poll survey, a recent opinion poll conducted by News18 suggests that the NDA is poised to replicate its 2019 performance in Karnataka, securing victory in 25 out of the 28 seats. The Congress party, according to this poll, is projected to win merely three seats. This divergence in survey outcomes highlights the dynamic nature of electoral predictions and the variability of public opinion.

Recap of 2019 Lok Sabha Elections in Karnataka

In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP emerged victorious in 25 seats, commanding a vote share of 51.7 percent. The Congress secured victory in one seat, with a vote share of 32.1 percent, while JD(S) and Independent candidates each won one seat in Karnataka.

Scheduled Dates for Lok Sabha Elections in Karnataka

Voting for Lok Sabha constituencies in Karnataka is slated to take place in the second and third phases, scheduled for April 26 and May 7, respectively. These dates mark significant milestones in the electoral calendar, as voters exercise their democratic rights to shape the future of governance in the state.

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