Phase 2 Voting: Lok Sabha Elections 2024

The second phase of voting in the 18th Lok Sabha elections is underway, with 88 constituencies across 13 states and union territories participating in the electoral process. Here are the live updates on the ongoing voting:

25% Voter Turnout Recorded Till 11 AM

As of 11 AM, a voter turnout of 25.1% has been recorded across 13 states and union territories. Notably, Chhattisgarh and Tripura have recorded over 35% voter turnout, while Maharashtra has recorded the lowest turnout at over 18.8%.

State-wise Voter Turnout

Assam: 27.4%

Bihar: 21.7%

Chhattisgarh: 35.5%

Jammu & Kashmir: 26.6%

Karnataka: 22.3%

Kerala: 25.6%

Madhya Pradesh: 28.2%

Maharashtra: 18.8%

Manipur: 33.2%

Rajasthan: 26.8%

Tripura: 36.4%

Uttar Pradesh: 24.3%

West Bengal: 31.3%

Prominent Contestants in Phase 2

Several prominent candidates are contesting in the second phase, including Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar, BJP’s Tejasvi Surya, Hema Malini, Arun Govil, Rahul Gandhi, Shashi Tharoor, DK Suresh, and HD Kumaraswamy.

Previous Phase and Voter Turnout

In the first phase of the elections, held last Friday for 102 seats across 21 states and union territories, a voter turnout of around 65.5% was recorded.

Cases of Bribery

A case of alleged bribery and undue influence on the electorate was reported against BJP candidate K Sudhakar in Karnataka. Cash worth ₹4.8 crores was seized by the Election Commission’s Flying Squads Team.

Campaign Strategies

Shashi Tharoor, aiming for a fourth consecutive term in the Thiruvananthapuram Lok Sabha seat, questioned the campaign strategy of the Left front.

Congress Leader’s Statement

Congress leader KC Venugopal expressed confidence in winning the Alleppey seat and commented on the panic he perceives in the PM after the first phase of elections.

Early Voter Turnout

Jammu recorded over 10% voter turnout till 9 am, indicating active participation in the electoral process.

Key Battles and Candidates

Key battles include contests between Hema Malini and Mukesh Dhangar in Mathura, Rahul Gandhi and Annie Raja in Wayanad, and Arun Govil, Sunita Verma, and Devvrat Kumar Tyagi in Meerut.

Appeal to Voters

Various political leaders and authorities have appealed to voters to participate in the electoral process and exercise their democratic right.


As phase 2 of the Lok Sabha elections progresses, voter turnout and key contests are under scrutiny. The outcome of this phase will shape the political landscape of the country, making each vote crucial in determining the future direction of governance. Stay tuned for further updates on this important electoral event.

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