As the fifth and final phase of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 unfolds, Mumbai’s six Lok Sabha constituencies are actively participating in the electoral process. With a voter turnout of 15.93% recorded by 11 AM, the citizens of Mumbai are making their voices heard in this crucial democratic exercise. The election, which commenced at 7 AM, sees a total of 99,38,621 voters from Mumbai’s constituencies casting their votes today, marking the end of this phase in Maharashtra.

Prominent Figures Cast Their Votes

Early in the morning, notable personalities such as RBI Governor Shashikanta Das and actor Rajkummar Rao were among the first to cast their votes, setting a precedent for others. Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee, accompanied by his wife, also participated in the voting process. Bajpayee took to social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to encourage fellow citizens to exercise their democratic right.

Technical Glitches and Resolutions

The voting process experienced a minor hiccup at booth number 126 in Mulund (East), where the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) malfunctioned. An election officer reported that the issue was related to the machine’s battery. The problem was swiftly rectified, and voting resumed without further incident.

Appeals from Public Figures

Former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar emphasized the importance of voting, urging citizens to make an effort to cast their votes. He highlighted the significance of participating in the electoral process, regardless of circumstances, unless physically incapacitated.

Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor was also seen casting his vote, demonstrating civic responsibility. Similarly, Shiv Sena UBT president Uddhav Thackeray, along with his family, voted in Mumbai’s Bandra East, reinforcing the importance of family participation in the democratic process.

Noteworthy Candidates and Voter Participation

In the North-Central constituency, Congress city unit chief Varsha Gaikwad and senior criminal lawyer Ujjwal Nikam, who is contesting on a BJP ticket, cast their votes in the adjacent South-Central constituency area. Their participation highlights the interconnected nature of the constituencies and the importance of each vote in determining the election outcome.

Bollywood’s Influence on Voter Turnout

Bollywood actors have a significant influence on public opinion and voter turnout. Actor Akshay Kumar, who cast his vote in Mumbai, expressed his desire for a developed and strong India. He encouraged citizens to vote for what they believe is right and predicted a high voter turnout.

Other Bollywood stars, such as Dharmendra and Hema Malini, also participated in the voting process, adding glamour and attention to the electoral event. Their involvement underscores the role of celebrities in motivating the electorate to engage in the democratic process.

Detailed Voter Turnout

As of 11 AM, the voter turnout in Maharashtra for the 13 seats being contested in this phase was 15.93%. This phase includes prominent constituencies like Mumbai North Central, which has the highest number of candidates (27), followed by Mumbai North West (21), Mumbai North East (20), Mumbai North (19), Mumbai South Central (15), and Mumbai South (14).

The Final Phase of Elections

The fifth phase of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 is critical, not just for Mumbai but for the entire state of Maharashtra. The results, expected to be announced on June 4, 2024, will determine the political landscape and influence future governance. The turnout and participation in this phase are indicators of the public’s engagement and trust in the democratic process.

Encouragement for Voters

Public figures, election officials, and media outlets are continuously encouraging voters to participate in the election. The message is clear: every vote counts, and it is the duty of each citizen to contribute to the democratic process. The smooth conduct of elections, despite minor technical issues, reflects the robust nature of the electoral system in place.


The Mumbai Lok Sabha Elections 2024, in its fifth and final phase, showcases the vibrancy of Indian democracy. With notable personalities leading by example and a significant number of candidates vying for seats, the elections are a testament to the democratic spirit of the country. The participation of celebrities and public figures has undoubtedly boosted voter enthusiasm, ensuring a substantial turnout. As the day progresses, it is anticipated that the voter turnout will continue to rise, reflecting the citizens’ commitment to shaping their future through democratic means.

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