A breakthrough unfolds as Mumbai Police’s relentless efforts culminate in the recovery of a crucial piece of evidence: a firearm believed to be used in the firing incident outside Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s residence. The firearm, retrieved from the depths of Tapi river in Surat, marks a significant milestone in the ongoing investigation into the high-profile case.

Extensive Search Operation Conducted by Mumbai Crime

Led by senior police inspector Daya Nayak, a dedicated 12-member team from the Mumbai Crime Branch spearheads an exhaustive search operation in collaboration with Surat police authorities. With the assistance of local divers and fishermen, the team leaves no stone unturned in scouring the riverbed for vital clues and evidence related to the firing incident.

Mumbai Police Collaborates with Local Authorities

The joint efforts of Mumbai Police and local authorities in Surat underscore a coordinated approach towards unraveling the complexities surrounding the firing incident. Senior police inspector Daya Nayak’s presence in Surat symbolizes the commitment of law enforcement agencies to pursue justice and uphold the rule of law in high-profile cases.

Accused Arrested in Connection with Firing Incident

Vicky Gupta and Sagar Pal, the two accused arrested in connection with the firing incident outside Salman Khan’s residence, provide crucial information leading to the recovery of the firearm from Tapi river in Surat. Their interrogation sheds light on the sequence of events and the disposal of weapons following the commission of the crime.

Involvement of Gangsters Lawrence Bishnoi and Anmol

The preliminary investigation reveals the alleged involvement of gangsters Lawrence Bishnoi and his younger brother Anmol in orchestrating the firing incident. The duo, named as “wanted accused” in the case, are believed to have instructed the accused to carry out the act to instill fear and exert pressure for monetary gain.

Legal Proceedings and Custody of Accused

The Mumbai Crime Branch intensifies efforts to gather evidence and build a strong case against the accused, including seeking custody of Lawrence Bishnoi for interrogation. While Bishnoi is currently incarcerated in Sabarmati Central Jail in Gujarat, efforts are underway to apprehend his brother Anmol, who is believed to be evading authorities.

Collaborative Efforts for Justice

The collaborative efforts between Mumbai Police, Surat police, and other stakeholders underscore a collective determination to ensure justice prevails in the face of criminal activities. As investigations progress, the recovery of the firearm serves as a crucial piece of evidence in piecing together the puzzle surrounding the firing incident outside Salman Khan’s residence.

Amidst ongoing developments, the resolve of law enforcement agencies to uphold law and order remains unwavering, signaling a commitment to safeguarding the interests of the public and maintaining peace and stability in society. Stay tuned to Atom News for further updates on this developing story.

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