Dhruva Space, a full-stack space engineering solutions provider with headquarters in Hyderabad, and Kinéis, a satellite operator and worldwide IoT connection provider with headquarters in France, have formed a strategic alliance. Through this partnership, Kinéis IoT connection will be made available throughout India, and a Kinéis IoT payload will be launched onto the Dhruva Space P-30 satellite.

Dhruva Space Partners with Kinéis

To transform IoT services in India, Dhruva Space, a top provider of space engineering solutions in India, and Kinéis, a company well-known for its global IoT connectivity solutions, have partnered. The partnership is expected to accelerate digital transformation and open up new doors for communities and businesses around the nation.

Strategic Partnership for Innovative IoT Services

Dhruva Space and Kinéis have a cooperation based on mutual trust and confidence. “By strengthening this collaboration, we are poised to deliver innovative IoT services that will drive digital transformation and open new opportunities for businesses and communities throughout the country,” said Sanjay Nekkanti, Chief Executive Officer of Dhruva Space, expressing his optimism about the partnership.

The partnership will concentrate on offering Kinéis IoT services in India and creating fresh, cutting-edge applications that utilise the 25 satellites in Kinéis’ constellation. With the help of this cooperative satellite mission, India hopes to increase its space segment capacity and provide dependable, cutting-edge, and affordable IoT solutions. Technological advancement will be fueled by these solutions, which will encourage creativity and the creation of new applications specifically for the Indian market.

Dhruva Space’s Hosted Payload Mission

With its P-DoT CubeSat platform and hybrid connection end-user interface, Bolt, Dhruva Space has a proven track record in low data rate satellite communications. Their capabilities were demonstrated in 2022 with the Thybolt mission, a technical demonstration. Dhruva Space plans to launch its first hosted payload mission later this year using its P-30 nanosatellite platform, a scalable and modular satellite bus that can support both hosted and dedicated missions. For secure communications, Earth observation constellations, and strategic use cases, this technology is scalable.

About Kinéis

Kinéis is a satellite operator and worldwide connection supplier that was established in 2018. It inherited the 40 years of experience that CNES (the French Space Agency) had with the Argos system, which was formerly run by CLS (Collecte Localization Satellites). The goal of Kinéis is to create dependable technology that makes relevant satellite data easily accessible. The goal of the Kinéis IoT constellation is to link any object, anywhere in the world, even in remote locations, and provide consumers with low-quality data almost instantly.

Kinéis works in areas that pose significant challenges to both the environment and humankind, such as agriculture, animal traceability, monitoring of energy networks and infrastructure, commercial and scientific marine activities, and the prevention of natural risks (such as the detection of forest fires, floods, and droughts).

Future Plans for India

With a focus on innovation and the creation of new applications made possible by the Kinéis satellite network, Dhruva Space is dedicated to offering Kinéis IoT services in India. Following the full constellation deployment by Kinéis in early 2025, full-scale global commercial service availability of Kinéis IoT will begin. Dhruva Space for India will develop and produce end-user terminals on a big scale to facilitate this.

“This technological and commercial partnership with Dhruva Space is a concrete expression of the relationship of trust established with Kinéis and reflects the joint drive to provide high-performance spatial IoT services for the Indian market,” said Alexandre Tisserant, Chief Executive Officer of Kinéis.

Kinéis connectivity has countless uses in fields like agriculture, commercial marine, energy network monitoring, and the environment. Indian public and private players will greatly benefit from our commercial offerings,” Tisserant continued.

Impact on Indian Market

The joint venture between Dhruva Space and Kinéis is anticipated to have a substantial effect on the Indian market by providing dependable and innovative IoT solutions at a reasonable price. These solutions will stimulate creativity and new applications made specifically for the Indian market. The partnership will improve digital transformation in a number of industries, including energy, transportation, maritime activities, and agriculture.

Final Thoughts

The strategic alliance between Kinéis and Dhruva Space represents a critical turning point in the development of IoT connectivity in India. Through the utilisation of Dhruva Space’s space engineering skills and Kinéis’ satellite network, the partnership has the potential to completely transform India’s IoT market. The cutting-edge IoT services made possible by this collaboration will propel digital transformation, encourage creativity, and open up new doors for communities and enterprises all throughout the nation.

The agreement promises to produce high-performance IoT solutions that will benefit diverse sectors and boost India’s technological capabilities as the deployment of Kinéis’ constellation approaches completion. India’s IoT connectivity appears to have a bright future, with Dhruva Space and Kinéis in the forefront.

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