US Markets

On April 12, the S&P 500 experienced its third consecutive day of decline, driven by disappointing earnings reports from major banks and heightened geopolitical tensions. The Nasdaq Composite also fell by 1.12%, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average declined nearly 1%.

Geopolitical Pressures

Geopolitical concerns intensified as news emerged of Israel preparing for a potential attack by Iran on government targets. This development added to the existing uncertainties in the market, contributing to the downward trend in indices.

Market Performance

The S&P 500 dropped by 1% to 5,147.24, with the Nasdaq Composite falling to 16,257.53, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average declining to 38,141.86. Investors exhibited reduced risk appetite, leading to a surge in Treasuries and the US dollar.

European Markets

European markets exhibited mixed performance, with the FTSE rising nearly 1% following Britain’s GDP growth of 0.1% in February. However, the DAX and CAC experienced declines of 0.13% and 0.16%, respectively.

Asian Markets

Earlier in the day, Asian markets displayed mixed trends, with the Nikkei recording a 0.21% increase, while the Hang Seng declined by 2.18% due to China’s shrinking exports and imports in March.

Indian Indices

Indian indices retreated from their all-time highs, closing in the red on Friday amid weak global cues. The Nifty fell by over 1% to 22,519.40, and the Sensex ended 1.06% lower at 74,244.90.

Investor Activity

Domestic institutional investors (DIIs) net purchased Rs 6,341.53 crores, whereas foreign institutional investors (FIIs/FPIs) net sold Rs 8,027.00 crores.

Crude Oil

Crude oil prices surged on Friday amid escalating tensions, with WTI crude rising by 1.46% to $86.26 and Brent surging by 1.27% to $90.88.

Overall, the global markets remained under pressure, influenced by a combination of weak earnings, geopolitical uncertainties, and fluctuations in commodity prices. Investors continue to monitor developments closely for insights into market direction and potential investment opportunities.

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