Ghazal Alagh, co-founder of Mamaearth, frequently shares updates on social media, offering insights from her entrepreneurial journey. Recently, Alagh posted six key lessons she learned from her ‘10,000+ hours, 7+ years, and 3 startups’, which quickly went viral, resonating with a wide audience.

Six Key Lessons from Ghazal Alagh

  • Embrace the Desire for More, but Stay Grounded: Success can lead to an insatiable desire for more achievements. Alagh emphasizes the importance of not getting fixated on the next big milestone. “Success will always lead you to want more, but don’t get hung up on the next big one,” she advises.
  • Self-Care is Essential for Business Success:Contrary to the notion that self-care is selfish, Alagh highlights its importance for both personal well-being and business health. “Taking care of yourself is not selfish; it benefits both you and your business,” she notes.
  • The Power of a Supportive NetworkSurrounding yourself with supportive individuals is crucial for sustaining both personal and business vitality. “Surrounding yourself with supportive people keeps you and your business going strong,” Alagh states.
  • Focus on Immediate Steps:While long-term planning is important, Alagh stresses the importance of concentrating on the next immediate step. “Long-term plans are great, but focus on your next step first,” she advises.
  • Embrace Your Unique Traits:Alagh encourages embracing personal quirks, as they contribute to uniqueness and differentiation in business. “Accept your quirks; they make you stand out,” she says.
  • Avoid Being Consumed by Work:Balancing work and personal life is essential, and every stumble should be viewed as a learning opportunity. “Do not let your work consume you. Every stumble is a stepping stone,” Alagh concludes.

Ghazal Alagh’s View on Work-Life Balance

In a previous post, Alagh discussed the perspectives of founders from Infosys, LinkedIn, Netflix, and Reddit on work-life balance, noting that they believe it doesn’t exist for those building businesses. Alagh shared her nuanced view on the topic, advocating for a personalized approach to balance.

She wrote, “The work-life balance debate arises from misunderstanding what it really is. Instead of viewing it as a rigid concept, we need to recognize that work-life balance is created, not found. It’s a subjective term that varies based on one’s aspirations, priorities, and stage in life. What may seem like an ideal balance to one person could be completely off for another.”

Personalized Approach to Work-Life Balance

Alagh elaborates on how work-life balance can vary greatly from person to person. Some might choose to balance their lives on a daily basis, while others might spread it over weeks or even decades.

She further added, “Some might choose to balance it on a day-to-day basis. Someone else can choose to balance over a week by stretching on weekdays and chilling on weekends. Others can choose to balance it over a decade, where they stretch for seven years and take a sabbatical.”

Social Media Reactions

Alagh’s post, shared on May 31, has garnered over 3,200 views along with numerous likes and comments. Followers expressed their appreciation for her insights, with comments like “Motivational quote of the day. Thanks.” and “Much-needed piece of advice for all!” By incorporating these keywords, the article aims to optimize visibility and engagement for readers interested in entrepreneurship, business success, and personal development.

Ghazal Alagh’s recent social media post highlights six crucial lessons from her extensive entrepreneurial experience, emphasizing the importance of self-care, a supportive network, immediate focus, and embracing uniqueness. Her views on personalized work-life balance offer a fresh perspective, resonating with a broad audience and encouraging a balanced approach to business and life.

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