Eyes in Jammu and Kashmir are firmly fixed on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s upcoming visit on February 20th. While the official agenda boasts inaugurations and announcements worth a staggering ₹30,500 crore, the timing, just ahead of national elections, sparks questions about its true purpose.

Boosting Infrastructure and Connectivity

The centerpiece of Modi’s visit seems to be infrastructure development. He is set to inaugurate two vital rail sections: the 48-km Banihal-Khari-Sumber-Sangaldan line and the electrified Baramulla-Srinagar-Banihal-Sangaldan section, spanning 185.6 km. This significant expansion brings the Kashmir valley closer to the national rail network, potentially boosting trade and tourism. Additionally, the Banihal-Sangaldan section houses the country’s longest transportation tunnel, a feat of engineering showcasing India’s infrastructure prowess.

Beyond Railways: A Multifaceted Development Push?

The visit promises to go beyond railways, with announcements expected across various sectors, including health, education, roads, aviation, petroleum, and civic infrastructure. Modi will also distribute appointment letters to roughly 1,500 new government recruits, offering a direct boost to employment prospects in the region.

Political Calculations and Underlying Expectations

However, the timing of this development blitz cannot be ignored. With Lok Sabha elections approaching, many see this visit as the unofficial launch of the BJP’s campaign in J&K. The party expects its development initiatives to resonate with voters, highlighting their commitment to the region’s progress and stability.

Opposition Voices and Local Priorities

However, opposition parties have their own expectations. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) urges the restoration of Statehood, a contentious issue since its abrogation in 2019. Other parties like the J&K Peoples Conference advocate for confidence-building measures and special employment packages for youth, aiming to encourage participation in the democratic process.

Addressing Key Concerns: From Jobs to Electricity

The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) emphasizes the need to address pressing issues like the high unemployment rate, exceeding the national average. They also highlight the struggles of the once-booming industrial sector and urge faster resolutions. Addressing the growing electricity crisis, particularly in Kashmir, is another priority highlighted by the KCCI.

Balance Between Development and Political Aspirations

While development initiatives are crucial for J&K’s progress, concerns regarding their timing and potential ulterior motives linger. The upcoming visit presents a chance for the Prime Minister to address critical issues like unemployment, power shortages, and the aspirations for normalcy and democratic participation. Whether the focus remains solely on development projects or expands to address these broader concerns will be closely watched, both by the local population and the national political landscape.

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