Telangana awoke to a tragic news on February 23rd, 2024, with the untimely demise of young MLA Lasya Nanditha in a road accident. The 37-year-old legislator, representing the Secunderabad Cantonment constituency, passed away on the Outer Ring Road near Patancheru, leaving behind a void in the political landscape and a wave of grief across the state.

A Life Cut Short

Lasya Nanditha, daughter of former MLA G. Sayanna, carved her own path in politics, winning her first election in December 2023 on a Bharata Rashtra Samithi (BRS) ticket. Her journey, however, was tragically cut short in the early hours of Friday, February 23rd.

The Accident and Its Aftermath

Traveling in a Maruti Suzuki XL6 on the Outer Ring Road, Lasya reportedly suffered fatal injuries in the accident. While the exact cause remains under investigation, initial reports suggest the vehicle might have been traveling at high speed and collided with the metal railing. Visuals from the scene depict the SUV’s mangled state, highlighting the severity of the impact.

The driver also sustained serious injuries and received immediate medical attention. Tragically, Lasya succumbed to her injuries before reaching a hospital. Her mortal remains were transferred to Amedha Hospitals, where a post-mortem examination was conducted.

A Double Blow: A Near Miss and a Fatal Crash

This accident came just ten days after another incident narrowly missed claiming Lasya’s life. On February 13th, while returning from a BRS party meeting, her car was involved in a collision on the Narketpally-Addanki State Highway, resulting in the death of a home guard. The recent fatal crash has understandably left everyone shaken, especially considering the close call she had just days earlier.

Tributes and Tributes

The news of Lasya’s death sent shockwaves through the political fraternity and the public alike. Leaders from various parties expressed their condolences, praising her dedication and contributions. People took to social media to share their grief and memories of the young MLA, highlighting her potential and the loss she leaves behind.

Looking Forward

Lasya Nanditha’s untimely demise is a significant loss for Telangana. Her bright future and commitment to public service were evident, making this tragedy even more difficult to bear. As investigations into the accident continue, the state mourns a young leader and remembers her legacy.

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