Expectations of significant tax and regulatory reforms are high in the Indian startup ecosystem as the NDA government gets ready to present Budget 2024 in the third week of July. Entrepreneurs, investors, and industry insiders are optimistic that the next budget will include policies that will create an atmosphere that is more favourable for the development and creation of startups.

Expectations for Enhanced Regulatory Support

Initiatives that could ease the difficulties faced by startups, especially with regard to capital acquisition, are eagerly anticipated by industry participants. Experts predict that it will be essential to provide incentives for investments in creative projects with obvious routes to profitability.

Insights from Industry Leaders

Shyam Menon, Partner and Co-Founder of Bharat Innovation Fund, highlights the importance of more Indian institutional investors joining local venture capital funds. This will, he thinks, accelerate fund-raising and ignite India’s emerging startup scene.

Ajay Goyal, the CEO and founder of Erekrut, is an advocate for government-funded startup hubs that provide all the amenities and services that are necessary today. Comparable to their international counterparts, this kind of infrastructure might greatly reduce operating costs and foster an atmosphere that is favourable to innovation and entrepreneurial growth.

Tech Industry’s Transformational Hopes

Tech leaders anticipate a revolutionary moment and hope to see budgetary allocations for cybersecurity, AI, and digital infrastructure. With these investments, India hopes to strengthen its position as a global innovation hub and promote a society empowered by technology.

Logistics Sector’s Expectations

To improve operational efficiency, there is a need for significant infrastructure expenditures in the logistics industry. This involves creating designated freight lanes and multimodal logistics parks, as well as offering financial incentives to use cutting-edge technology like AI and IoT.

Tax Incentives and SME Empowerment

In order to encourage domestic capital flow into the startup ecosystem, entrepreneurs are also looking for extra tax incentives for promoters and investors. They contend that this is necessary to maintain innovation and growth in India’s startup scene.

Four-Pronged Approach Advocated by Industry Leaders

The CEO of Tide in India, Gurjodhpal Singh, offers a detailed budget plan that includes investing in cutting-edge technologies, supporting women-led enterprises, ensuring inclusive economic growth, and closing the credit gap for SMEs. He claims that these actions are essential to meeting India’s lofty 2030 economic goals.


With Budget 2024 fast approaching, the Indian startup scene is set for possibly revolutionary changes. A thriving ecosystem for innovation and economic growth is what’s expected, and it includes everything from tax incentives and sector-specific support to infrastructure expenditures and regulatory improvements.

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