With the steady growth of the Indian economy, numerous startups have entered the market, and some of them are gaining recognition from consumers and investors worldwide. In this comprehensive overview of ‘The Top 27 Best Indian Startups,’ we will delve into some of the most promising and impactful startups in the Indian market. These startups are making significant strides in their respective fields, showcasing innovation, resilience, and the potential to shape the future of the global economy.

Top 27 Indian Startups

1. BoAt

Founders: Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta
Started in: 2016

BoAt is an Indian-origin company that markets high-quality audio devices and smartwatches. Renowned for its product performance and durability, BoAt is among the top 5 audio system manufacturers globally. With assets estimated at around $10 billion, BoAt continues to grow at an impressive rate.

2. Paytm

Founder: Vijay Shekhar Sharma
Started in: 2010

Paytm is an Indian-based company specializing in online payment services, financial services, and e-commerce. With nearly 20 million active users, Paytm is a leading fintech company, valued at approximately $16 billion.

3. Meesho

Founders: Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal
Started in: 2015

Meesho is a prominent e-commerce company in India that allows business owners to connect directly with their customers, bypassing traditional transport channels. Valued at around $4.9 billion, Meesho has attracted major investors, including Fidelity Management and B Capital.

4. Ola

Founders: Ankit Bhati and Bhavish Aggarwal
Started in: 2010

Ola, a Bangalore-based company, provides cab services along with bike rides, taxis, and local transportation. With investment funding of roughly $3.8 billion, Ola is a major player in the transportation sector.

5. Udaan

Founders: Amod Malviya, Vaibhav Gupta, and Sujeet Kumar
Started in: 2016

Udaan is an online platform specializing in manufacturing goods, trade professions, and wholesale channels. The company has secured nearly $1.2 billion in investments, making it a significant force in the market.

6. PharmEasy

Founder: Dharmil Sheth
Started in: 2015

PharmEasy is a healthcare delivery service that caters to both consumers and healthcare industries for sample acquisitions and transport. The company has raised approximately $651.5 million for its projects.


Founder: Kunal Shah
Started in: 2018

CRED, based in Bangalore, provides credit card services with various incentives on billing. With funding of $472.1 million, CRED is rapidly growing in the financial services sector.

8. Cult.fit

Founders: Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori
Started in: 2016

Cult.fit is a Bangalore-based startup offering fitness-related services and personalized programs. The company has attracted investments amounting to $404.6 million.

9. Razorpay

Founders: Shashank Kumar and Harshil Mathur
Started in: 2014

Razorpay provides a secure and efficient platform for online payments. The company has received substantial funding of around $366.6 million.

10. Digit Insurance

Founder: Kamesh Goyal
Started in: 2017

Digit Insurance targets the general consumer market with various insurance services, including risk management and pricing. The company has raised $244.5 million from investors.

11. Vernacular.ai

Founded in 2016 in Bengaluru, Vernacular.ai provides AI-enabled multilingual chatbots. The VIVA chatbot recognizes over 160 dialects, enhancing user interaction and bridging communication gaps.

12. Groww

Founded by former Flipkart employees in Bengaluru, Groww is a booming stockbroking startup. It has over 10 million registered users and focuses on financial education, aiming to expand into deposits, credit, and US stocks.

13. Nykaa

Nykaa, founded in 2012 in Mumbai, is an e-commerce store for beauty, wellness, and fashion products. The company caters to the growing demand for cosmetics and plans to expand into the innerwear segment.

14. DREAM 11

DREAM 11 is a leading fantasy sports startup founded in 2008. It has rapidly grown, joining the Unicorn club with assets exceeding a billion dollars and attracting millions of users.

15. Swiggy

Swiggy, founded in 2014 in Bangalore, is a popular food ordering and delivery platform. The company aims to integrate AI to enhance its services further.

16. Instamojo

Since 2012, Instamojo has provided payment processing solutions for SaaS-based businesses. The platform supports numerous online payment methods and has onboarded 1 million merchants.

17. Postman

Founded in 2014, Postman offers a platform for building and using APIs. With its headquarters in San Francisco, Postman simplifies API development and collaboration.

18. Delhivery

Delhivery, founded in 2011, is a logistics solution provider for e-commerce firms. The company has grown significantly, with a valuation of over $1 billion.

19. Slice

Slice, a Bengaluru-based fintech startup, aims to simplify the financial experience for the younger generation by minimizing credit card woes through an innovative platform.

20. InMobi

Founded in 2008, InMobi is a mobile advertising startup with a global presence. It offers adaptable advertising solutions and has become a benchmark for Indian startups.

21. Practo

Practo, based in Bangalore, is an online platform for finding doctors and booking appointments. It operates in 15 countries, aiming to enhance healthcare services.

22. Skyroot Aerospace

Skyroot Aerospace, founded in 2018, is a Hyderabad-based aerospace startup. It develops home-grown rocket engines and has launched three vehicles: Vikram-1, 2, and 3.

23. LivSpace

LivSpace, headquartered in Singapore, offers home interior and renovation services. The company uses a digital platform to deliver modern home designs and has benefited over 5100 homes.

24. Ather

Ather, founded in 2013, is known for manufacturing intelligent electric vehicles. The company provides high-performance, zero-maintenance vehicles and an unparalleled customer experience.

25. PhonePe

PhonePe is a digital wallet company that facilitates cashless transactions. The app simplifies various payments, and its headquarters will soon relocate to India.

26. Licious

Licious, a Bangalore-based meat delivery service, was founded in 2015. It has expanded globally and caters to the non-vegetarian population of India.

27. PolicyBazaar

Founded in 2018 in Gurugram, PolicyBazaar is a platform for comparing and buying insurance. It offers a seamless customer experience with features like policy downloads and upgrades.

In this tutorial on ‘The Top 27 Best Indian Startups, we explored the innovative companies that are at the forefront of the Indian startup ecosystem. These startups are not only making a mark in their respective industries but are also contributing significantly to the global market.

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