A sweet video of Chirag Paswan and Kangana Ranaut giving each other a lighthearted “low five” at Parliament this morning has gone viral on social media. At a legislative occasion, Kangana, wearing a bright yellow cotton saree, greets Chirag with warmth in a spontaneous scene captured on camera.

A Cinematic Reunion

Fans were thrilled to see Kangana Ranaut and Chirag Paswan together again, as they had a similar chemistry on screen in the 2014 movie “Mile Na Mile Hum.” In the video, Chirag’s polished outfit of blue jeans and a white kurta contrasts nicely with Kangana’s upbeat attitude.

The Viral Encounter

The video, which went viral on the internet right away, shows off Kangana and Chirag’s real friendship as they struck up a conversation. Fans of their previous cinematic cooperation were filled with nostalgia for their brief encounter at Parliament.

Past and Present Connections

Prior to their filming together, Chirag Paswan had mentioned how excited he was to see Kangana Ranaut again and emphasised their shared past. Their recent meeting was made more poignant by their on-screen collaboration in “Mile Na Mile Hum,” in which Chirag played a tennis player who develops feelings for Kangana’s character.

Kangana’s Upcoming Film ‘Emergency’

With its official release date set for September 6, Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming film “Emergency” has garnered attention among the hype surrounding her viral video. The actress is still in demand both on and off film because of her adaptable roles and outspoken personality.

Final Thoughts

In addition to delighting their admirers, Kangana Ranaut and Chirag Paswan’s unplanned talk at Parliament prompted discussions on social media. While admirers of Kangana await her next on-screen appearance with bated breath in anticipation of “Emergency,” they also treasure moments such as this that highlight her colourful personality.

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