A video purportedly showing BJP leader Himanshu Chauhan celebrating his birthday inside a police station in Ahmedabad has stirred controversy, prompting swift responses from both political circles and law enforcement officials.

The video, initially shared by the Gujarat Congress on social media platform X, depicts several uniformed police officers, including Deputy Commissioner of Police Kanan Desai, participating in singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Chauhan. The clip concludes with chants of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ amidst the presence of three cakes on display.

Ahmedabad Police Commissioner G S Malik swiftly addressed the situation, asserting that the gathering was not intended for a birthday celebration but rather to commemorate the successful organization of a recent blood donation camp. “There is nothing malafide,” Malik clarified, emphasizing that the cakes were brought in by locals to mark the occasion of the blood donation drive and not explicitly for a birthday celebration.

“The factual details surrounding the incident have been requested and will be duly reported,” Malik assured, countering allegations of impropriety leveled by the Gujarat Congress. He pointed out that the absence of ‘Happy Birthday’ inscriptions on the cakes further supports the assertion that the gathering was not specifically orchestrated for Chauhan’s birthday.

According to the official statement released by the Ahmedabad Police Commissionerate through the deputy commissioner of police (control room), the event in question took place following a successful blood donation camp organized at the Dariyapur police station ahead of an upcoming Rath Yatra. Over 670 units of blood were collected during the drive, involving local residents, police personnel, and army personnel from Shahibaug’s cantonment area.

The statement clarified that after the blood donation camp, attendees reconvened at the ACP F Division office to strategize for the upcoming yatra. It was during this gathering that local resident Nusratjahan Sheikh presented three cakes to commemorate the success of the blood donation initiative. Popular folk and devotional singer Yogesh Gadhvi, associated with the BJP, mentioned in passing that it was also Chauhan’s birthday, prompting the cutting of one cake in recognition of his efforts in mobilizing support for the blood donation drive.

“The entire event was conducted in the spirit of community service and fostering communal harmony, devoid of any political agenda,” the police statement affirmed, addressing concerns raised by critics.

In response to the controversy, the Gujarat Congress criticized the incident, accusing the BJP of co-opting public institutions for partisan purposes. They questioned the appropriateness of using police stations for celebratory events, alleging misuse of taxpayer-funded resources.

This incident has sparked a broader debate on the ethical use of public spaces and resources, especially concerning their utilization for private celebrations involving political figures. The controversy comes amidst heightened scrutiny of political activities and their intersection with public governance.

As the situation develops, stakeholders await further details from the Ahmedabad Police Commissionerate regarding the sequence of events and the specific role played by individuals involved in the gathering.

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