Leading Indian provider of building supplies, Infra.Market, has received an extra $50 million in financing from the MARS Unicorn Fund. With this investment, MARS Unicorn Fund has invested $100 million in Infra.Market overall, demonstrating the company’s remarkable development trajectory and promising market.

MARS Unicorn Fund Doubles Down on Infra.Market

In 2022, the MARS Unicorn Fund, a partnership between Liquidity Group and MUFG, made a $50 million investment in Infra.Market. This most recent fundraising round demonstrates their ongoing belief in Infra.Market’s potential to upend the building materials industry. Infra.Market, which was founded in 2016 by Souvik Sengupta and Aaditya Sharda, has become a significant player in the Indian building materials industry. The company’s current $2.5 billion valuation is a reflection of its noteworthy industry impact and quick expansion.

Targeting a $140 Billion Market: Infrastructure in Focus

Infra.Market focuses on the rapidly expanding infrastructure sector and the enormous $140 billion Indian market for building supplies. The company wants to meet the increasing demand for building materials across a range of infrastructure projects by utilizing its strong platform and effective supply chain.

Fresh Funding Fuels Global Expansion and Product Diversification

With the recently obtained funds, Infra.Market will be able to grow its business outside of India. The business intends to expand into new international markets, possibly concentrating on areas experiencing a big surge in development. Furthermore, Infra.Market plans to employ the money to enhance its market share in various product verticals within the construction materials industry.

A One-Stop Shop for Construction Materials

Infra.Market caters to a broad spectrum of clientele, offering its services to both institutional customers (B2B) and retail outlets (D2R). This comprehensive approach positions them as a one-stop shop for construction materials needs. Their product portfolio encompasses over 15 distinct categories, including essential building materials like concrete, AAC blocks, steel, pipes & fittings, MDF, plywood, and laminates. They also cater to interior design and finishing needs, offering tiles, bath fittings & sanitary ware, fans, lights, and kitchen & electrical appliances. For those seeking complete solutions, Infra.Market provides modular kitchens & wardrobes, designer hardware, and paints.

Pan-India Presence with a Global Outlook

Infra.Market has established a robust distribution network across 20 states in India, ensuring efficient delivery of construction materials to various project sites. Moreover, their vision extends beyond the domestic market. They have already begun exporting their products to international markets, with a presence in Dubai, Singapore, and Italy. This demonstrates their ambition to become a leading global player in the construction materials sector.

Infra.Market Stands Out

The Indian construction materials market is a highly competitive landscape. However, Infra.Market has carved a niche for itself by leveraging technology and innovation. Their online platform streamlines the procurement process for both buyers and sellers, offering greater transparency and efficiency. Additionally, their focus on quality assurance and timely delivery has garnered them the trust of a loyal customer base.

The Rise of E-commerce in Construction Materials

The emergence of e-commerce sites such as Infra.Market indicates a major change in the construction materials sector. Historically, obtaining building supplies has required labor-intensive manual labor. Online marketplaces like Infra.Market, however, provide a more practical and open substitute. By enabling online transactions, these platforms enable consumers to compare costs and make well-informed selections while also saving time and money.

The Future of Infra.Market

With its latest funding round, Infra.Market is poised for continued growth and expansion. The company’s commitment to innovation, product diversification, and global reach positions them as a key player in shaping the future of the construction materials industry. As they navigate the competitive landscape, their focus on streamlining the procurement process and building a robust supply chain will be crucial for their long-term success. Investors and industry experts alike will be keenly watching Infra.Market’s trajectory as they endeavor to revolutionize the construction materials sector in India and beyond.

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