Pure EV has announced the integration of its next-generation AI-based X platform across its entire product lineup, following its successful deployment in the ultra-long variant models, notably the ePluto 7G MAX. The expanded integration covers flagship models such as ePluto 7G, ETRANCE, NEO, PRO, NEO+, and ecoDryft, with notable improvements in performance, range, and user experience.

Key Advancements of the X Platform

1. 5th Gen Smart AI-Based Vehicle Control Unit:
The X platform incorporates a 5th generation smart AI-based Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) equipped with the computational power of 6 MCUs. This enhancement significantly improves overall performance, responsiveness, and adaptability, resulting in a 50% improvement in battery life, ensuring longevity and sustainability.

2. Six Advanced Driving Features:
The platform introduces six advanced driving features, including Hill Start Assist, Downhill Assist, Reverse Mode, Coasting Regen, Parking Assist, and Smart Regen. These features contribute to a more sophisticated and user-friendly driving experience.

3. 5th Gen Smart Lithium Battery:
Featuring a 5th generation smart lithium battery with an advanced Smart Battery Management System (BMS), the X platform optimizes performance. The BMS protocol works in synergy with the AI-based VCU, enhancing powertrain output and overall efficiency. Additionally, a thermal management system further contributes to the battery’s performance.

4. Extended Range:
Users across all Pure EV models can now benefit from a remarkable 25% improvement in range, enhancing the practicality and convenience of electric vehicles.

CEO’s Perspective

Rohit Vadera, CEO of Pure EV, expressed confidence in the new AI-based X platform, describing it as a commitment to innovation and an exceptional driving experience for customers. He emphasized the platform’s role in achieving the vision of producing long-range electric vehicles to drive widespread adoption in the country. The positive reception of recent releases, such as the ePluto 7G MAX and ecoDryft 350, has further motivated the company to introduce groundbreaking solutions for consumers.


Pure EV’s integration of the AI-based X platform across its entire product range signifies a strategic move toward enhancing performance, efficiency, and user experience in electric vehicles. The advancements introduced through the X platform align with the company’s dedication to pioneering solutions and driving the adoption of electric vehicles in the Indian market.

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