Holistic Approach Essential for Schizophrenia Treatment Beyond Meds

Holistic Approach Needed for Schizophrenia Treatment Beyond Medication

On World Schizophrenia Day, observed on May 24, mental health professionals at South Goa district hospital emphasized the need for a holistic approach to treating

UK Deportation Threat for Indian Care Workers Amid Visa Drop

Indian Care Workers in the UK Face Deportation Amid Sharp Drop in Visa Applications

The United Kingdom’s healthcare sector is witnessing a significant decline in visa applications, particularly among Indian nationals, following the British government’s recent tightening of rules

People wearing masks in Singapore as a new COVID-19 wave hits, with 25,900 cases reported in a week.

Singapore Faces New COVID-19 Wave: 25,900 Cases Reported in a Week, Mask Advisory Issued

Singapore is currently grappling with a new wave of COVID-19 infections, with the Ministry of Health (MOH) reporting a significant surge in cases. From May

Kerala Government Doctor Suspended for Performing Wrong Surgery on Child

Kerala Government Doctor Suspended After Performing Wrong Surgery on Child

In a shocking incident at the Government Medical College Hospital in Kozhikode, Kerala, a four-year-old girl underwent an operation on her tongue instead of her

Indian Ocean Sea Surface Temperatures Predict Global Dengue Outbreaks

Indian Ocean Sea Surface Temperatures to Predict Dengue Outbreaks Globally

In a groundbreaking study, researchers from Beijing Normal University, China, have shed light on how abnormal trends in sea surface temperatures of the Indian Ocean

Horlicks and Boost Shed 'Health' Label, Rebranded as 'Functional, Nutritional Drink

Horlicks and Boost Rebranded as ‘Functional, Nutritional Drinks’

Rebranding of Horlicks and Boost Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) has announced the rebranding of its popular beverages, Horlicks and Boost, dropping the ‘health’ label and


A Shot of Hope in the Fight Against Cholera: WHO Prequalifies New Oral Vaccine

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced a significant development in the fight against cholera, a potentially deadly diarrhoeal disease. On April 19, 2024, the

UnitedHealth Cyberattack Still Disrupting Medical Providers: "More Devastating Than Covid"

UnitedHealth Cyberattack Still Disrupting Medical Providers: More Devastating

Medical professionals continue to struggle in the aftermath of a cyberattack on a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group. The February breach on Change Healthcare, a critical

Delhi Government Essential Medicines List Criticized for Being Outdated and Oversized

Delhi Government Essential Medicines List Criticized for Being Outdated

The Delhi government’s Essential Medicine List (EML) has come under scrutiny for being outdated and containing more drugs than the national and WHO lists. The

Three generations of Indian women, highlighting the intergenerational impact of self-care deficit.

The Self-Care Deficit: A Generational Challenge for Indian Women

Indian women face a unique and significant challenge when it comes to self-care. Studies and anecdotal evidence reveal a stark reality: they consistently prioritize the