Charanya Kumar: Transforming Cultural Education with Interactive Mythology Games
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Charanya Kumar: Revolutionizing Cultural Education Through Interactive Mythology Games

Empowering Cultural Education Through Gaming Charanya Kumar, a visionary entrepreneur, has embarked on a mission to revolutionize cultural education through interactive mythology games. With a

Innovative AI-Powered Gloves: Empowering the Deaf by a Woman Entrepreneur
Women Entrepreneur

Woman Entrepreneur Innovates AI-Powered Gloves to Empower the Deaf

Introduction to Glovatrix and Its Mission Glovatrix, a Pune-based startup co-founded by Aishwarya Karnataki and Parikshit Sohoni, is revolutionizing communication for the deaf community. Through

Women Entrepreneurs in India: Challenges & Opportunities
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India Women Entrepreneurs: Obstacles and Opportunities in a Growing Economy

India’s economic landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, with aspirations to become the world’s third-largest economy. However, to achieve this ambitious goal, the nation needs