Elon Musk's Vision: xAI's Supercomputing Pursuit for AI Advancement

Elon Musk Visionary Leap: xAI’s Ambitious Pursuit of Supercomputing for AI Advancement

In a groundbreaking revelation, tech luminary Elon Musk has unveiled an audacious plan for his artificial intelligence venture, xAI, to embark on the creation of

Bengaluru Airport Taxi Trips to Cost More for Aggregators

Taxi Trips from Bengaluru Airport to Become Costlier for App-based Aggregators

Passengers using app-based taxi services like Ola, Uber, and BluSmart can expect a significant increase in the pickup fee for trips originating from Bengaluru airport.

Razorpay Takes Charge: US Giant Folds into Indian Entity

Razorpay Leads the Charge: US Payments Giant Restructures to Become Indian Entity

Razorpay, the US-based payments giant valued at $7.5 billion, is making a strategic shift to Indian shores. This move, driven by a desire to optimize

ThinKuvate Launches INR 100 Cr Fund to Boost Indian Startups

Singapore ThinKuvate Launches INR 100 Cr Fund to Boost Indian Startups

Singapore-based investment firm ThinKuvate is set to make significant inroads into the Indian startup ecosystem with the launch of its maiden fund worth INR 100

Indian startups exploring strategies to excel in the generative AI space.

How Indian Startups Can Carve a Niche in the Generative AI Space

The Rise of Generative AI and Its Potential Generative AI (Gen AI) has rapidly transformed the technological landscape since the launch of ChatGPT in November

Mizuho in Discussions to Acquire KKR’s Stake in Fintech Firm InCred

Mizuho in Talks to Acquire KKR’s Stake in Fintech Firm InCred

In a significant development in the fintech sector, Japan’s Mizuho Financial Group is in discussions to acquire a part of KKR’s stake in Mumbai-based tech-driven

Bringing in the Grown-Ups: When Startups Need Seasoned Leaders

Bringing In The Grown-Ups: When Do Startups Need Seasoned Leaders?

Navigating the startup ecosystem can be compared to sailing through a vast ocean, where strategic decisions can determine the success or failure of the venture.

Flipkart's Strategic Shift: Examining Domicile Reversal from Singapore to India

Flipkart Strategic Shift: Exploring Domicile Reversal from Singapore to India

Pioneering Moves in the Indian Tech Landscape In a strategic move poised to reshape the Indian tech landscape, Flipkart, the nation’s foremost consumer internet company,

Digit IPO: Transforming Insurance Tech in India

Digit IPO: A Turning Point for Insurance Tech in India

The upcoming IPO of Go Digit marks a significant milestone for the Indian startup ecosystem, particularly in the insurance technology sector. With the IPO scheduled

Musk's AI Startup Raises $6B, TikTok Evades Apple Commissions, and Other Tech Highlights

Musk AI Startup Raises $6B, TikTok Dodges Apple Commissions, and More Tech Highlights

Elon Musk’s ambitious AI startup, xAI, is on the verge of securing a staggering $6 billion in funding, with notable investors like Sequoia Capital and