Dev IT Reports Strong Financials in March 2024 Quarter
Information Technology

Dev Information Technology Reports Strong Financial Performance in March 2024 Quarter

In the latest financial report released by Dev Information Technology, the company showcased a robust performance with significant growth in net profit despite a slight

Mike Lynch Denies Fraud Charges in HP Deal
Information Technology

Tech Titan Mike Lynch Denies Fraud Charges in HP Deal: A Detailed Analysis

The tech world was rocked by news of criminal charges against Mike Lynch, the once-revered British entrepreneur often dubbed as the UK’s Steve Jobs. Accused

OpenAI Updates Policies on Non-disparagement Agreements
Information Technology

OpenAI Revises Policies on Non-disparagement Agreements for Former Employees

OpenAI, a prominent player in artificial intelligence research, has implemented significant changes to its policies regarding non-disparagement agreements for former employees. In a proactive move

Microsoft Edge: Real-Time Live Translation Unveiled
Information Technology

Microsoft Edge Introduces Real-Time Live Translation: A Game-Changer for Multilingual Users

Microsoft has unveiled a groundbreaking feature at its Build 2024 developer conference: real-time live translation on its Edge browser. This innovative functionality, reminiscent of Google

Paytm Q4 Results: Loss Widens to Rs 550 Crore
Information Technology

Paytm Q4 Results: Loss Widens to Rs 550 Crore; Revenue Drops 3% YoY

Fintech major Paytm reported a significant widening of losses in the fourth quarter ended March 2024, driven by disruptions related to the Unified Payments Interface

Microsoft Unveils New AI Tools: GPT-4o, AI-Powered Windows PCs
Information Technology

Microsoft Unveils New AI Tools: From GPT-4o to AI-Powered Windows PCs

In a significant leap forward in the field of artificial intelligence, Microsoft has introduced a series of groundbreaking AI tools at its annual Build developer

Microsoft Build 2024: Event Guide, AI Features, Expectations
Information Technology

Microsoft Build 2024: A Comprehensive Guide to the Event, AI Features, and Expectations

Microsoft Build 2024, the renowned annual developer conference, is poised to unveil cutting-edge advancements and innovations in the realm of technology. Led by esteemed CEO

The Importance of Regulatory Sandboxes in Advancing Artificial Intelligence
Information Technology

The Importance of Regulatory Sandboxes in Artificial Intelligence

The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies has created both remarkable opportunities and complex challenges for societies around the globe. As AI continues to

Microsoft-Backed OpenAI Enhances AI Training with Reddit Data
Information Technology

Microsoft-Backed OpenAI to Enhance AI Training with Reddit Data

In a groundbreaking collaboration, OpenAI, supported by Microsoft, has announced a strategic partnership with Reddit to train its artificial intelligence (AI) model using data sourced

OpenAI Partners with Reddit to Integrate Content into ChatGPT
Information Technology

OpenAI Strikes Deal to Integrate Reddit Content into ChatGPT

In a strategic move aimed at enhancing its AI capabilities, OpenAI has announced a partnership with Reddit to integrate Reddit’s vast array of user-generated content