In a bid to regain investor confidence, the Adani Group has initiated the marketing of a $409 million bond, marking its first foray into dollar notes since the Hindenburg Research controversy last year. This move underscores a potential rebound in market sentiment toward the conglomerate.

The Bond Offering

The bond, spearheaded by Adani Green Energy Ltd. and associated firms, is set at an 18-year tenure with initial price guidance in the 7.125% area. The conglomerate aims to alleviate concerns surrounding its ability to raise overseas capital following the fallout from the Hindenburg Research report.

Market Response and Analyst Insights

Orderbooks for the bond have exceeded $1 billion, indicating strong investor interest. Lakshmanan R, head of South & Southeast Asia corporates at CreditSights, anticipates robust demand for the offering, suggesting that Adani may not need to offer a premium to secure the bond.

Addressing Previous Allegations

The Hindenburg report, released in early 2023, levied accusations of fraud and stock manipulation against the Adani Group, which it vehemently denied. Despite the controversy, the conglomerate secured fresh equity backing from investors like GQG Partners LLC and successfully refinanced debt worth $3.5 billion for cement company acquisitions, bolstering market confidence.

Bond Proceeds and Refinancing Strategy

Proceeds from the bond sale will be utilized to redeem $500 million of notes maturing in December, effectively mitigating refinancing risk. Fitch Ratings, in a recent assessment, expects to rate the new notes BBB-, indicating an improvement over the debt they are replacing.


The launch of Adani Group’s first dollar bond since the Hindenburg crisis signifies a pivotal moment in its efforts to restore investor confidence. With strong demand observed and strategic refinancing initiatives in place, the conglomerate appears poised to navigate challenges and sustain its growth trajectory.

As the conglomerate continues to navigate market dynamics and address lingering concerns, the successful issuance of the bond underscores its resilience and strategic foresight in a volatile economic landscape.

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