The Times Internet-owned video streaming company MX Player is being pursued by e-commerce behemoth Amazon once again. This move might drastically change the streaming market in India. This occurs over a year after earlier attempts at discussion between the two firms failed.

A Second Attempt at FAST Market Domination

Both sides would benefit strategically from Amazon’s possible acquisition of MX Player. Amazon wants to improve its position in the free, ad-supported streaming (FAST) industry. With its Prime Video subscription service, Amazon is already a significant participant in the Indian streaming business. Amazon’s development ambitions are drawn to MX Player because of its substantial user base in India, even in the face of financial troubles.

Cash-Strapped MX Player Seeks Revival

Since its 2011 introduction, MX Player has become a well-liked site for Indian audiences looking for a wide variety of material. But apparently, the site has been having financial difficulties. It’s thought that Times Internet, the company that owns MX Player, is looking for a way out of the platform in order to ease its financial difficulties.

Valuation Disagreements Hindered Previous Negotiations

The ongoing negotiations between Times Internet and Amazon are an attempt at a second agreement. A perceived disparity in value caused the negotiations to fail in March 2023. According to reports, Times Internet was reportedly looking for over $100 million for MX Player, while Amazon’s internal estimate put the platform’s value closer to ₹500 crore, or about $60 million.

MX Player’s Value Potentially Diminished

Market watchers speculate that since the last round of talks, MX Player’s worth may have dropped. Contributing causes may include the platform’s financial issues and the general slump in the Indian startup scene. 

Potential Benefits for Amazon

Notwithstanding MX Player’s difficulties, a takeover by Amazon may provide the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Market Reach: With MX Player’s well-established user base and well-known brand in India, Amazon would have a big advantage in the FAST category. With established companies like Disney+, Hotstar, and JioTV offering both subscription and free, ad-supported tiers, this would let Amazon compete more successfully with them.
  • Content Diversification: The content library of MX Player, which includes options tailored to certain regions and user-generated material, may serve as a supplement to Amazon’s Prime Video collection. This variety may be able to draw in more viewers and accommodate a range of viewing habits.
  • Data Acquisition: Amazon may find it useful to refine its advertising strategy and provide viewers with personalized content suggestions based on user data from MX Player.

Uncertainties Remain

Despite the obvious potential advantages of an acquisition, there are still a number of unknowns:

  • Negotiation Obstacles: One of the biggest obstacles is still coming to a mutually acceptable valuation. The parties involved must come to a compromise that takes into account MX Player’s existing position in the market.
  • Integration Challenges: It may be difficult to integrate the technology and operations of MX Player with Amazon’s current streaming infrastructure.
  • The regulatory framework: Amazon and other big digital corporations have been under close scrutiny from the Indian government. Obstacles related to regulations may make the purchase process more difficult.

The Future of Indian Streaming

For the Indian streaming market, Amazon’s possible acquisition of MX Player is a big event. Should the agreement close, the FAST segment’s rivalry may heat up, and the streaming market as a whole may change. Viewers and industry participants will be keenly observing the outcome of this resumed discussion, as it may have significant effects on the availability of content, price structures, and user experience in the Indian streaming market. 

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