Chennai-based startup Aquaconnect has successfully secured $4 million in a recent funding round. The fresh capital infusion is earmarked for accelerating operational growth, expanding market presence, enhancing technological infrastructure, broadening the product portfolio, and doubling its network of partners.

Financial Backing from Prominent Investors

Aquaconnect boasts backing from prominent investors such as AgFunder, Omnivore, and Rebright Partners. The startup, founded by Rajmanohar Somasundaram, highlights an impressive achievement of scaling up revenues by four times in the last fiscal year.

Key Usage of Funds

The newly acquired funds will play a crucial role in ramping up Aquaconnect’s operations across the aquaculture landscape. The startup aims to fortify its technological capabilities, ensuring a robust and innovative approach to its services. Furthermore, the funding will facilitate the expansion of Aquaconnect’s footprint, allowing it to reach more regions within India.

Diversification and Network Growth

Aquaconnect is set to diversify its product portfolio, leveraging the funding to introduce new offerings and services. The startup operates as a full-stack aquaculture platform, managing last-mile touchpoints and providing credit services to its retail partners. With the additional capital, Aquaconnect plans to double its network of partners, fostering collaborative growth within the aquaculture ecosystem.

Founder’s Vision

Rajmanohar Somasundaram, the visionary behind Aquaconnect, envisions transforming the Indian aquaculture sector through innovation and strategic expansion. The funding will enable the startup to realize this vision by strengthening its operational capabilities, technological infrastructure, and market presence.


Aquaconnect’s successful fundraise reflects the growing interest and confidence in the potential of the Indian aquaculture market. The startup’s commitment to leveraging technology and expanding its offerings positions it as a key player in revolutionizing the aquaculture landscape, ultimately contributing to the sustainable growth of the sector.

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