Ather Energy, the electric two-wheeler manufacturer, is poised to raise approximately $95 million in a pre-IPO funding round, aiming to achieve a valuation surpassing the billion-dollar mark. This strategic move signifies the company’s ambition to secure a prominent position in the unicorn club, with significant interest from existing shareholders and potential investors.

Hero MotoCorp’s Potential Participation

One of the key stakeholders in Ather Energy, Hero MotoCorp, is considering participation in the funding round, reflecting its commitment to bolstering its stake in the startup. This move aligns with Ather’s objective of entering the public market with a robust financial foundation, ensuring stability and growth prospects.

Sachin Bansal’s Stake Sale

Reports suggest that Sachin Bansal, co-founder of Flipkart, may divest his entire stake in Ather Energy to Nikhil Kamath of Zerodha. With Bansal holding over 10% of the company’s shares, this potential transaction could reshape the ownership landscape of Ather Energy.

Other Funding Highlights

In addition to Ather Energy’s funding aspirations, other startups are also making significant strides in securing investments. Rippling, a startup in the Series F funding round, has raised $200 million, while Dhruva Space has secured Rs 78 crore in its Series A2 round, highlighting the robust investor interest in innovative ventures across various sectors.

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Technology News & Updates

Microsoft’s unveiling of the Phi-3 Mini, a lightweight AI model designed for smartphones, underscores the growing emphasis on AI integration in consumer devices. General Motors’ upbeat quarterly results and Coca-Cola’s $1.1 billion deal with Microsoft for cloud computing and AI services further highlight the evolving landscape of technology partnerships and innovation.


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In summary, Ather Energy’s pursuit of unicorn status through strategic funding initiatives, coupled with the transformative potential of AI-driven enterprise engagement solutions, exemplifies the dynamic landscape of innovation and growth in the technology and automotive sectors. As companies continue to leverage technology to drive efficiency and enhance customer experiences, the future holds promise for continued evolution and disruption across industries.

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