In a bid to alleviate its financial struggles, edtech giant BYJU’S has commenced a $200 million rights issue, targeting existing investors. However, the move comes with a significant twist as the company aims to secure the funds at a post-money valuation of $225 million, reflecting a staggering 99% decrease from its previous valuation of $22 billion.

Valuation Plunge

BYJU’S, once valued at $22 billion, is now undergoing a substantial correction in its valuation, signaling financial challenges for the edtech behemoth. The new valuation of $225 million represents a drastic shift amid the evolving dynamics of the edtech sector.

Purpose of Fresh Capital

The embattled edtech giant has outlined its intent to utilize the raised capital for ongoing capital expenditure requirements and to bolster general corporate initiatives. The rights issue is seen as a strategic move to infuse much-needed liquidity into the company during a period of financial strain.

Financial Resilience Amid Challenges

BYJU’S decision to tap into existing investors for capital injection underscores the company’s efforts to navigate financial challenges within the competitive edtech landscape. Despite the valuation cut, the infusion of funds aims to enhance financial resilience and sustain the company’s operations.


BYJU’S, a prominent player in the edtech domain, faces the dual challenge of financial constraints and a substantial valuation dip. The $200 million rights issue reflects the company’s strategic response to secure funding from existing backers, signaling its commitment to weathering financial headwinds and maintaining operational momentum.

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