Infosys, a leading Indian multinational information technology company, has embraced a hybrid work model, offering employees in select business units the flexibility to work from home for up to 11 days in a month. This move comes amidst ongoing discussions and debates surrounding the future of work and the optimal balance between remote and office-based work arrangements.

InfyMe Platform Facilitates WFH Applications

The company’s employee experience platform, InfyMe, acts as a central hub for employees to manage various aspects of their work life, including applying for work-from-home (WFH) days. The platform allows employees from eligible business units to request and receive approval for 11 WFH days per month.

Balancing Flexibility and Collaboration

Infosys acknowledges the need for flexibility while also recognizing the value of in-person collaboration. The company clarifies that while employees can avail of the 11 WFH days, the remaining weekdays are expected to be spent working from the office. For additional WFH requests beyond the allotted 11 days, employees must seek their manager’s approval, ensuring exceptional circumstances are taken into consideration.

Shifting Landscape: From Return-to-Office to Hybrid Approach

This announcement marks a shift in Infosys’ stance on remote work. In November 2023, the company had previously requested select junior and mid-level employees to return to the office for 10 days a month. This move, deviating from the five-day work week adopted by some competitors, sparked discussions about the company’s commitment to flexible work arrangements.

Focus on Employee Choice and Resource Management

Infosys’ recent town hall meeting shed light on the company’s evolving stance on hybrid work. While the company clarified its commitment to not enforcing mandatory office attendance, it also mentioned plans to implement a roster system. This system aims to ensure adequate seating capacity for employees choosing to work from the office, promoting efficient utilization of workspace resources.

Looking Ahead: Adapting to the Changing Work Landscape

Infosys’ hybrid work model reflects the company’s efforts to adapt to the evolving work landscape. As companies navigate the post-pandemic era, creating a work environment that balances employee preferences for flexibility with the need for collaboration and productivity remains a key challenge. The success of Infosys’ hybrid model will depend on its ability to effectively address these needs while fostering a positive and engaging work experience for its employees.

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