Investors in the Quest Laboratories Limited IPO are eagerly awaiting the allotment status, which is set to be announced today, May 21. The IPO, which was priced between ₹93 and ₹97 per share with a face value of ₹10, consisted of lots of 1200 shares and multiples thereof. This guide provides detailed steps on how to check the allotment status on the BSE platform and the IPO registrar Bigshare Services’ website.

Understanding the Quest Laboratories IPO

The Quest Laboratories IPO attracted significant attention from investors, with the issue being subscribed 79.29 times by the end of the bidding period on May 17. The IPO opened on May 15, aiming to raise ₹43.16 crore through a fresh issue of 44.5 lakh shares. Given the strong response, investors are keen to know their allotment status as the listing date on NSE SME is scheduled for May 23.

Steps to Check IPO Allotment Status on BSE Website

For those who have invested in the Quest Laboratories IPO, the allotment status can be checked on the BSE website with these steps:

  1. Visit the BSE Website: Go to the official BSE website.
  2. Select ‘Equity’ under the Issue Type: In the drop-down menu, choose ‘Equity’ to specify the type of issue.
  3. Choose Quest Laboratories Limited: From the list of companies, select ‘Quest Laboratories Limited.’
  4. Enter Application Number or PAN: Input your Application Number or PAN details.
  5. Verify with CAPTCHA: Click on ‘I am not a Robot’ to verify you are human.
  6. Submit Your Request: Click on the ‘Submit’ button to view your allotment status.

Steps to Check IPO Allotment Status on Bigshare Services’ Website

Alternatively, investors can check their allotment status on the IPO registrar Bigshare Services’ website. Here’s how:

  1. Visit Bigshare Services Website: Navigate to the official Bigshare Services IPO allotment page.
  2. Select ‘Quest Laboratories’: From the Select Company dropdown menu, choose ‘Quest Laboratories.’
  3. Choose Identification Option: Select from PAN, Application Number, DP/Client ID, or Account Number/IFSC.
  4. Enter Relevant Details: Provide the required information based on the selected identification option.
  5. Submit Your Request: Click the ‘Submit’ button to check your allotment status.

Detailed Analysis of Quest Laboratories IPO

Pricing and Issue Details

The Quest Laboratories IPO was priced at ₹93-₹97 per share with a face value of ₹10. The issue structure required investors to purchase in lots of 1200 shares and multiples thereof. This pricing strategy aimed to make the shares accessible to a broad range of retail and institutional investors.

Subscription Rate

The IPO saw robust demand, being subscribed 79.29 times on the final day of bidding. This high subscription rate reflects the strong investor confidence in Quest Laboratories’ business model and growth prospects.

Fundraising Goals

Through the IPO, Quest Laboratories aimed to raise ₹43.16 crore. The fresh issue of 44.5 lakh shares is intended to support the company’s expansion plans, improve infrastructure, and enhance research and development capabilities.

Significance of Relocating to Texas

In addition to the IPO allotment, Tesla shareholders are also set to vote on relocating the company’s incorporation to Texas. This move aligns with Elon Musk’s earlier statements about the advantages of Texas’s business environment, including lower taxes and a more favorable regulatory framework.

Implications for Shareholders

The upcoming vote on the Quest Laboratories IPO and Tesla’s proposals highlights the significant influence shareholders have in shaping the strategic direction of these companies. For Quest Laboratories, the high subscription rate indicates strong investor interest and confidence, which could positively impact its stock performance post-listing.

Broader Impact on the Market

The success of the Quest Laboratories IPO is likely to have a broader impact on the market, setting a positive tone for future IPOs in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. It also underscores the importance of investor confidence and the role of strategic pricing and marketing in the success of public offerings.


The Quest Laboratories IPO allotment status is a crucial step for investors who participated in the offering. By following the steps outlined above, investors can easily check their allotment status on both the BSE and Bigshare Services’ websites. The high subscription rate and successful fundraising underscore the strong market confidence in Quest Laboratories’ growth potential. As the company prepares for its listing on NSE SME on May 23, the positive response from investors bodes well for its future performance in the market.

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