The first day of the Bihar Board Matric (Class 10) examinations concluded smoothly on February 15, 2024, with students appearing for the Mother Tongue paper in shift 1. This marks the beginning of the crucial exams for over 17 lakh students across the state.

Key Updates

  • Shift 1 concludes: The first shift of the exam, scheduled from 9:30 AM to 12:45 PM, ended successfully. Students appearing in the second shift will begin their exams at 2:00 PM.
  • Mother Tongue paper: The first day’s exam focused on the Mother Tongue subject, offering students the option to choose from Hindi, Urdu, Maithili, Sanskrit, Bengali, and other recognized languages.
  • Control room established: The Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) has set up a central control room to address any queries or concerns raised by students, parents, and other stakeholders. The control room will remain operational until February 23, 2024.
  • Additional reading time: As per BSEB guidelines, students were granted an additional 15 minutes to read the question paper before commencing the exam.
  • Strict adherence to protocols: To ensure a fair and smooth examination process, BSEB implemented strict measures, including frisking students and barring electronic devices inside the exam halls.

Student Experiences

While official feedback from students is yet to be released, initial reports suggest a comfortable and well-organized exam environment. Many students felt the Mother Tongue paper was fair and balanced, covering familiar topics from the prescribed syllabus.

Looking Ahead

The Bihar Board Matric exams will continue until February 23, 2024, with various subjects scheduled for different days and shifts. It is crucial for students to remain focused, follow exam protocols, and manage their time effectively throughout the remaining exams.

Beyond the Headlines

The successful conduct of the first day’s examination reflects the collective efforts of various stakeholders, including BSEB officials, invigilators, and school authorities. Maintaining this momentum and ensuring a smooth and fair exam process for all students will be key in upholding the integrity of the Bihar Board Matric examinations.

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