The Ministry of Education has initiated discussions with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to explore the feasibility of conducting board exams twice a year starting from the 2025-26 academic session. This move aims to provide students with more opportunities to excel and secure their best scores.

Ministry’s Directive

According to reports from PTI, the Ministry of Education has directed the CBSE to devise a plan for the implementation of biannual board exams. The CBSE will collaborate with school principals in the coming month to discuss the logistics and implications of this proposal.

Consultations with School Principals

The Ministry, along with the CBSE, will engage in consultations with school principals to gather insights and perspectives on the feasibility and execution of biannual board exams. These discussions will inform the development of a comprehensive plan for the implementation of this new system.

Modalities and Logistics

The CBSE is currently working on the modalities and logistics required to accommodate biannual board exams within the academic calendar. This includes addressing concerns related to scheduling, examination procedures, and the impact on undergraduate admission schedules.

New Curriculum Framework (NCF)

The proposal for biannual board exams aligns with the objectives outlined in the New Curriculum Framework (NCF) announced by the Ministry of Education. The NCF emphasizes the importance of providing students with adequate time and opportunities to demonstrate their academic capabilities.

Objective of Biannual Exams

The primary objective of introducing biannual board exams is to ensure that students have sufficient time and opportunities to perform well and achieve their best scores. By offering two editions of board exams annually, students will have the flexibility to improve their performance and secure favorable outcomes.

No Semester System Planned

While exploring the possibility of biannual board exams, there is no plan to implement a semester system. The focus remains on optimizing the existing examination structure to enhance student outcomes and academic performance.

Way Forward

As discussions progress and consultations with stakeholders continue, the Ministry and the CBSE will work towards finalizing the logistics and operational details of biannual board exams. This collaborative effort aims to create a framework that benefits students and promotes excellence in the education system.


The proposal for biannual board exams marks a significant development in the Indian education landscape, reflecting a commitment to providing students with enhanced opportunities for academic success. Through strategic planning and collaboration, the Ministry and the CBSE aim to implement this initiative effectively and ensure its positive impact on student outcomes.

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