Two new credit cards, called Pi and Phi, have been introduced by YES BANK and ANQ Finance. These cards provide special advantages and features for customers. While the Phi Card offers flexible rewards for both domestic and foreign purchases, the Pi Card is a digital-only credit card made for easy UPI transactions.

Pi Card: UPI-Based Digital Convenience

Being a digital-only credit card, the Pi Card distinguishes itself by providing customers with the ease of credit on UPI for domestic transactions. Its noteworthy attributes, such as the lack of yearly and joining costs, make it a desirable choice for customers. Users have the option to convert purchases into EMIs and can receive incentives for UPI transactions. To further improve the card’s value proposition, users may now accrue eight reward points for UPI transactions that total more over Rs 2,000.

Phi Card: Flexible Benefits for Both Local and Foreign Transactions

Conversely, the Phi Card’s physical structure enables transactions made both domestically and internationally. This card comes with benefits including waived fuel surcharges and access to foreign lounges, in addition to rewards in a number of areas like eating and travel. The flexible rewards structure of the Phi Card makes it appealing to customers looking to save money on a variety of purchases.

Giving Customers Options and Incentives

Anil Singh, YES BANK’s Country Head of Credit Cards and Merchant Acquiring, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with ANQ Finance and emphasized their shared dedication to providing cutting-edge card solutions. He emphasized the objective of revolutionizing the credit card market by providing customers with unmatched options for rewards and spending. By combining the flexibility of fintech innovation with the dependability of traditional banking, the partnership hopes to provide customers intelligent financial solutions that adapt to their changing demands.

Technology Integration with a Focus on the Customer

In partnership with YES BANK, Ashish Khandelwal, the founder of ANQ, underscored the need of providing innovative digital-first solutions. He emphasized how YES BANK’s mission and ANQ’s fintech solutions complement each other and are both focused on optimizing value for astute customers. The cooperation aims to present cutting-edge credit card solutions that use technology to improve customer satisfaction and satisfy the changing needs of contemporary customers.

Preeminent Supplier of Payment Services

With millions of transactions under its belt, YES BANK is a leading payment service provider (PSP) in the UPI ecosystem. The PSP services offered by the bank serve popular fintech platforms like BharatPe and PhonePe. To further establish its position in the world of digital payments, YES BANK recently purchased merchants from the now-defunct Paytm Payments Bank.


The introduction of Pi and Phi credit cards by YES BANK and ANQ Finance represents a significant step towards providing consumers with innovative and rewarding payment solutions. With unique features tailored to meet the diverse needs of consumers, these cards aim to redefine the credit card industry and empower users with choice and value. Through technology integration and a consumer-centric approach, the collaboration between YES BANK and ANQ Finance seeks to set new standards in the financial services sector.

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