Mastercard launches MDES Token Connect, enabling banks to easily offer card tokenization through internet and mobile banking.

Key Features

  • Issuer-centric: Simplifies integration for banks, eliminating the need for multiple APIs.
  • Seamless Experience: Cardholders can create and link tokens to cards across platforms through familiar banking channels.
  • Enhanced Security: Tokens replace actual card details, minimizing data breaches.
  • Wider Usage: Expands tokenization beyond merchant apps to internet and mobile banking transactions.


  • RBI directive requires tokenization for e-commerce transactions since September 2021.
  • Initial implementation limited token creation to merchant apps/websites.
  • Mastercard’s platform aligns with RBI’s expansion of tokenization to banking channels.

Benefits of Mastercard

  • Increased convenience: Customers can easily tokenize cards through trusted banking apps.
  • Improved security: Reduced risk of data breaches by replacing card details with tokens.
  • Wider digital adoption: More secure online transactions could encourage broader e-commerce use.

Impact of Mastercard

  • Streamlines tokenization process for banks and merchants.
  • Enhances online transaction security for cardholders.
  • Potentially boosts cashless transactions in India.

Additional Notes

  • Over 560 million card tokens issued in India since October 2023.
  • Platform launch aligns with Mastercard’s commitment to secure and inclusive digital payments.

Overall, Mastercard’s MDES Token Connect platform offers a convenient and secure way for banks and merchants to comply with RBI regulations and enhance the safety of online transactions in India.

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