The Bharti Group, aiming to exit the insurance sector and concentrate on the telecom industry, is in advanced negotiations with SBI Life and other potential buyers for the sale of its wholly-owned life insurance venture, Bharti AXA Life Insurance.

Background: Exiting the Insurance Business

The Bharti Group had previously expressed its intention to divest its insurance business to streamline its focus on the telecom sector. The primary asset under consideration for sale is Bharti AXA Life Insurance, a venture the group fully owns after acquiring AXA Group’s 49% stake in October 2023.

Failed Acquisition Attempts and Prior Ventures

Attempts by Hinduja Group and Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) to acquire AXA’s stake in the life insurance venture were unsuccessful. The collaboration between Bharti and the French insurer resulted in two joint ventures in 2006, with Bharti holding a 74% stake in both Bharti AXA Life Insurance and Bharti AXA General Insurance.

Strategic Focus on Telecom

Following the acquisition of AXA Group’s stake, Bharti has been strategically planning to exit the insurance business and reinforce its position in the telecom sector. The group had previously divested its general insurance business to ICICI Lombard through a merger when AXA exited the company.

Market Share and Financial Overview

Bharti AXA currently holds a 2% market share in terms of premium in the life insurance sector. The equity share capital of the company stood at Rs 3,706 crore as of the latest financial disclosure.

Conclusion: Shifting Focus for Strategic Growth

As Bharti Group engages in advanced discussions with potential buyers, the move aligns with its strategic goal of concentrating efforts on the telecom industry. The divestment of its insurance assets is part of a broader shift to streamline operations and foster growth in key sectors.

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