Mumbai-based Banking Tech Startup Attracts Investment for Interoperable Banking Solutions

The Indian banking sector is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by the adoption of innovative technologies. Among the frontrunners in this space is Gravity, a promising B2B (business-to-business) banking tech startup that recently secured $1 million in funding. This investment, led by early-stage venture capital firm Kettleborough VC, will empower Gravity to accelerate its product development and establish itself as a key player in revolutionizing the way banks interact with their systems and customers.

Building the Next Generation of Banking Infrastructure

Gravity’s core offering lies in its ability to bridge the gap between various banking software systems. These systems, often referred to as silos, operate independently, hindering banks from developing a holistic view of their customer data and hindering the creation of personalized financial products. Gravity’s platform fosters interoperability, allowing seamless data exchange between core banking systems, payment gateways, and loan origination systems. This empowers banks to leverage a unified data pool, ultimately enabling them to design customized financial solutions tailored to individual customer needs.

Engineering for the Future: Investment Fuels Product Advancement

Satish Krishnaswamy, co-founder and CEO of Gravity, highlighted the significance of the funding in propelling the platform’s evolution. “We are currently engaging with banks on version 1.0 of our platform,” Krishnaswamy explained to ET. “However, the fresh capital will enable us to focus on engineering efforts for version 2.0, the next iteration of Gravity. As a banking technology company, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. We need to be at least two to three years ahead of what the industry will demand.” This forward-thinking approach underscores Gravity’s commitment to providing banks with future-proof solutions that can adapt to the ever-changing financial landscape.

Early Traction and Ambitious Growth Plans

Since its inception in March 2024, co-founded by Krishnaswamy and Rohit Maroo, Gravity has garnered significant interest from Indian banks. The startup has actively engaged with around 18 commercial banks, successfully completing proof-of-concept (POC) demonstrations with five of them. With procurement negotiations underway with a couple of banks and a confirmed order from one, Gravity is demonstrating its ability to deliver tangible value to the banking sector.

Looking ahead, Krishnaswamy outlined Gravity’s ambitious growth plans. The Mumbai-based startup prioritizes onboarding 4-5 Indian banks by the end of 2024 before setting its sights on international expansion. “We are targeting an annual recurring revenue (ARR) of $2 million by the year’s end,” Krishnaswamy revealed. “Furthermore, within the next one to two quarters, we plan to sign MOUs (memorandums of understanding) with several key partners in our targeted regions overseas.”

Global Expansion on the Horizon: UAE, Southeast Asia, and Europe in Focus

Gravity’s international expansion strategy prioritizes the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as the initial launchpad. “The UAE represents a significant market opportunity for us,” Krishnaswamy stated. “Following our success in the UAE, we will focus on establishing a presence in Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Additionally, we have identified the UK as a key market within Europe.” This strategic approach allows Gravity to leverage its initial success in India while strategically targeting high-growth regions with substantial banking sectors.

Investment Aligns with Kettleborough VC’s Vision

Nisarg Shah, founder and managing partner of Kettleborough VC, expressed his enthusiasm about the investment in Gravity. “Gravity perfectly aligns with our investment strategy of backing domain specialists,” Shah remarked. “We recognize the immense potential of Gravity to become a category leader by addressing the challenge of siloed banking systems. We are confident that their solution will revolutionize the way banks operate and interact with their customers.”

The Future of Banking: A Collaborative and Personalized Landscape

Gravity’s innovative approach to interoperability signifies a significant step towards a more collaborative and personalized banking landscape. By breaking down silos and enabling seamless data exchange, Gravity empowers banks to develop a deeper understanding of their customers. This, in turn, paves the way for the creation of targeted financial products and services that cater to individual needs and preferences. As Gravity continues its journey, its success will be closely monitored as it disrupts the traditional banking infrastructure and ushers in a new era of customer-centric financial services.

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