CodeMate, a startup founded by Ayush Singhal in 2022, has introduced an innovative AI programming assistant designed to streamline and enhance the coding experience. Positioned as the “Grammarly for coding,” CodeMate aims to correct and upgrade programming language in real-time as developers code, significantly reducing errors and improving overall code quality.

The Inspiration Behind CodeMate

Ayush Singhal, with a background as a developer and owning a software agency, recognized the challenges posed by bad code in project timelines. Motivated to address this issue, he founded CodeMate to offer an auto-correcting developer tool that fixes coding errors on the go.

Context-Aware Suggestions

CodeMate utilizes proprietary Large Language Models to provide context-aware suggestions, enabling developers to code more effectively and fix bugs faster. The tool analyzes code, offering solutions for syntax errors, run-time errors, performance issues, and more.

Advanced Code Review

The coding assistant reviews code akin to an experienced developer, identifying sensitive information like API keys and recommending the removal of redundancies post-testing for cleaner code. Users can customize reviews based on predefined parameters and receive a score out of 100, considering factors like time and space complexity.

Knowledge Base Integration

CodeMate incorporates a chatbot functionality and knowledge base integration, allowing developers to seek information on API inclusion, defined paths, and more. If a suitable code snippet is found in the knowledge base, CodeMate prompts users to import and integrate it into their program.

Revenue Model

CodeMate operates on a subscription-based revenue model, offering three plans for corporates, individual contributors, and freelancers. The Individual subscription follows a freemium model, providing basic features for free and premium features starting at Rs 1,200/month. The Enterprise subscription caters to businesses and development teams.

Projected Savings

Singhal estimates that the software industry spends $300 billion annually on fixing maintenance issues, with developers dedicating over 1,500 hours to debugging. CodeMate aims to help organizations save up to 40% on project costs and reduce project time by 35-50%.

Competition from Large Language Models

While CodeMate faces competition from rapidly advancing Large Language Models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot, Singhal emphasizes CodeMate’s context awareness as a distinguishing factor. CodeMate’s ability to refer to multiple codebases sets it apart, providing suggestions for maintainable and scalable code.

Future Features

CodeMate is actively developing an autonomous AI agent within, capable of autonomously correcting its own code iteratively until passing all test cases. The startup plans continuous enhancements with new features, expanded language support, and framework compatibility.

Voice-Enabled Feature

In the pipeline, CodeMate is developing a voice-enabled feature, allowing users to interact with code using their voice. The initial launch will cater to English speakers, with plans to extend functionality to Indian vernacular languages.


CodeMate’s AI programming assistant offers a significant leap in code debugging and enhancement. With a focus on context awareness and continuous development, CodeMate aims to solidify its position as an essential coding tool, revolutionizing the way developers code and debug.

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