In a recent development, Alphabet’s Google has disclosed extensive layoffs affecting personnel engaged in its voice-activated Google Assistant software and within the Devices and Services team. The restructuring is part of organizational changes initiated since the second half of 2023, which also impacted roles at the mapping app Waze.

Google Assistant Layoffs

The layoffs within the Google Assistant team, initially reported by Semafor, are part of the ongoing organizational adjustments. These changes have been implemented to enhance efficiency and align resources with major product priorities. The layoffs come after Google’s announcement in October 2023 to integrate generative AI features from its Bard chatbot into the Google virtual assistant.

Devices and Services Team Restructuring

In addition to the Google Assistant team, the Devices and Services team is also undergoing significant restructuring, resulting in the elimination of a few hundred roles. The majority of the layoffs within this team are reported to be in the 1P AR hardware team. The co-founders of Google-owned Fitbit, James Park and Eric Friedman, along with other Fitbit leaders, are reportedly leaving Google as part of this reorganization.

Organizational Changes in 2023

Google confirmed that various teams underwent organizational changes in the second half of 2023, aiming to improve efficiency and better align resources with key product priorities. The spokesperson, while acknowledging role eliminations globally, did not provide specific figures regarding the impacted workforce.

Global Workforce Impact

As of September 2023, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, employed a global workforce comprising 182,381 individuals.The extent of the impact on the Google Assistant and Devices and Services teams in terms of the number of roles affected remains unspecified.

Tech Industry Dynamics

The move by Google reflects the broader dynamics within the tech industry, where companies are continually adapting to technological advancements. Google, along with other tech giants, has been focused on incorporating generative AI into products to enhance capabilities and features.


Google’s announcement of significant layoffs in the Google Assistant and Devices and Services teams underscores the company’s ongoing efforts to streamline operations and allocate resources strategically. The impact of these organizational changes on affected employees, as well as the broader implications for the company’s product development and strategy, will be closely observed in the coming months.

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