Microsoft Build 2024, the renowned annual developer conference, is poised to unveil cutting-edge advancements and innovations in the realm of technology. Led by esteemed CEO Satya Nadella and a cadre of top executives, this event promises to be a beacon of inspiration and insight for developers, tech enthusiasts, and industry leaders alike. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of the event, explore the latest AI features, and set expectations for what lies ahead.

How to Watch the Event

The Microsoft Build 2024 conference will be a hybrid event, offering both in-person attendance and virtual access to a global audience. For those tuning in online, the live stream will be available on the Microsoft Developer YouTube channel, commencing at 9 am PT (10.30 pm IST). Alternatively, participants can visit to register for free and gain access to the event sessions and information.

Keynote Address and Speakers

The keynote address, spearheaded by CEO Satya Nadella, will serve as the cornerstone of the event. Joining him will be esteemed executives including Rajesh Jha, Mustafa Suleyman, and Kevin Scott, each bringing their unique expertise and insights to the forefront. With the theme “How will AI shape your future,” the keynote promises to unveil groundbreaking AI advancements across various Microsoft products and platforms.

Expectations for AI Features

Anticipation is rife for the unveiling of new AI capabilities for Windows and Office suites. Copilot chatbot integration with Windows 11 and Outlook products like Word and Excel is expected to take center stage, enhancing productivity and user experience. These developments aim to position Microsoft’s Office tools as formidable contenders in the realm of collaborative workspace solutions, rivalling competitors such as Google Workspace.

Azure Innovations

As Microsoft continues to strengthen its foothold in the cloud computing arena, Azure is poised for significant enhancements. New products and solutions within the Azure ecosystem are anticipated, empowering developers to leverage AI in novel ways and expand the capabilities of Microsoft’s AI ecosystem. These advancements seek to bridge the gap

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