PayU Payments, supported by Prosus, has recently obtained in-principle approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to function as a payment aggregator, marking a significant milestone in its operational journey. This development underscores the company’s commitment to compliance and governance while expanding its merchant base and service offerings in the Indian market.

In-Principle Approval from RBI

PayU Payments announced on Tuesday that it has secured the RBI’s in-principle approval to operate as a payment aggregator and onboard new merchants onto its platform. This regulatory endorsement validates the company’s adherence to stringent compliance standards and underscores its dedication to fostering a secure and transparent payments ecosystem.

Compliance and Corporate Governance Focus

Anirban Mukherjee, CEO of PayU, expressed his satisfaction with the RBI’s approval, highlighting the company’s unwavering focus on compliance and corporate governance. This acknowledgment from the regulatory authority reaffirms PayU’s commitment to upholding regulatory standards while delivering innovative payment solutions to its customers.

PayU’s Offerings and Competitive Landscape

As a leading payment gateway, PayU offers a comprehensive suite of services, including buy-now-pay-later options, catering to the diverse needs of merchants and consumers alike. In the competitive landscape of the payments industry, PayU competes with prominent players such as Razorpay, backed by Tiger Global, and PhonePe, a subsidiary of Walmart.

Regulatory Scrutiny in the Payments Sector

The RBI’s recent measures to tighten scrutiny of the payments sector underscore the importance of regulatory compliance and vigilance in monitoring transactions-related activities. Online payment firms, including PayU, are mandated to ensure compliance with the latest guidelines issued by the RBI, reflecting the regulator’s commitment to safeguarding the integrity of the payments ecosystem.

Implications of RBI Approval

The RBI’s in-principle approval grants PayU the authority to expand its merchant base and enhance its service offerings, further consolidating its position in the Indian payments market. By adhering to regulatory requirements and maintaining robust governance practices, PayU aims to instill confidence among stakeholders and foster sustainable growth in the payments landscape.


PayU’s receipt of in-principle approval from the RBI to operate as a payment aggregator underscores the company’s commitment to regulatory compliance and governance. This milestone paves the way for PayU to strengthen its presence in the Indian payments market and deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of merchants and consumers. As the company continues to navigate the dynamic regulatory landscape, its focus on maintaining transparency, integrity, and customer trust remains paramount.

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