Vertex Ventures: A Firm Belief in Indian Startups

Vertex Ventures, a venture capital firm headquartered in Singapore, demonstrates a robust commitment to the Indian startup ecosystem, aiming to bolster its investments and broaden its focus within the country. Over the past decade, Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia and India have steadily invested in India’s burgeoning startup landscape, capitalizing on factors such as the country’s large workforce, favorable regulatory environment, expanding internet user base, and rising consumer spending. Since its inception in India in 2013-14, the early-stage VC firm has made approximately 30 investments in startups, with notable successes including unicorn startups like FirstCry, Licious, and Xpressbees.

Expanding Horizons: Vertex Ventures Ambitious Plans

Vertex Ventures has raised five funds to date, with its latest Fund V securing $541 million last year, surpassing its initial target of $450 million. With each successive fund, Vertex Ventures expresses growing confidence in India’s startup ecosystem. Kanika Mayar, Partner at Vertex Ventures, asserts the firm’s bullish outlook on India and its plans to intensify investment activities and diversify into new sectors. This optimism is rooted in the increasing number of high-quality founders and robust economic indicators observed within the country.

Strategic Investment Approach: Vertex Ventures’ Thesis

Vertex Ventures in India has traditionally focused on four key segments for startup investments: consumer tech, fintech, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and healthtech. However, the firm now seeks to broaden its investment scope to include emerging sectors such as mobility, sustainability, and clean energy. Mayar emphasizes the aim to replicate past successes by fostering scalable businesses with strong unit economics in these new segments. Additionally, Vertex Ventures plans to ramp up its annual investment pace from an average of 3-4 deals to around 5-7, maintaining a manageable pace of investment.

Adapting to Market Trends: Vertex Ventures’ Agility

Vertex Ventures remains attentive to shifting market trends, viewing them as opportunities for strategic investment. In response to the growing affluence of consumers and their willingness to spend more, the firm has backed businesses like Pilgrim, a personal beauty care brand. Moreover, Vertex Ventures has made contrarian bets, such as investing in Licious, an online meat-selling platform, despite initial skepticism. The firm’s investment strategy also acknowledges the potential for building scalable businesses in sectors like fintech and enterprise SaaS, with aspirations to create global entities from India.

Exit Strategies and Success Stories

While the flow of venture capital into Indian startups has stabilized in recent years, concerns persist regarding exit routes, whether through acquisitions or initial public offerings (IPOs). Mayar reflects on Vertex Ventures’ journey in the Indian startup ecosystem, citing successful exits from portfolio companies like FirstCry and Xpressbees, as well as several acquisitions involving other startups. Notably, Yatra, a portfolio company, went public last year through a listing on Nasdaq. This track record instills confidence in Vertex Ventures’ ability to navigate exit strategies effectively.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Vertex Ventures’ Inclusive Approach

Vertex Ventures demonstrates its commitment to supporting women-led startups by allocating $50 million from its fifth fund specifically for this purpose. While the firm has previously invested in women-led ventures, this dedicated fund serves as both a formal initiative and a signal of its willingness to back companies led by women founders. Noteworthy investments in women-led startups include and Proactive for Her. Despite the cautious investment climate, Vertex Ventures remains optimistic about the quality of founders and the availability of capital in the ecosystem.

Long-Term Vision: Vertex Ventures’ Outlook

In conclusion, Vertex Ventures maintains a positive outlook on the Indian startup ecosystem, emphasizing its philosophy of backing businesses for the long haul, typically over 8-10 years. The firm’s global perspective and hands-on approach to mentoring startups underscore its commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation. Mayar highlights the symbiotic relationship between investors and startup founders, emphasizing Vertex Ventures’ aim to stay ahead of market trends and contribute to the success of the companies it backs.

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