Adding a melodic touch to its brand experience, Air India Express has introduced a holiday-themed sonic identity, bringing a festive atmosphere to its in-flight music. Alongside this festive addition, the airline has also created a Middle Eastern version of its sonic identity.

The development of Air India Express’s sonic identity followed a meticulous three-stage process, aligning with the brand’s traits of intuitiveness, style, accessibility, and warmth. Rooted in the spirit of New India infused with optimism and confidence, the sonic identity creatively embodies three distinct rasas of Indian classical music – karuna (empathy), adbhuta (wonder), and veera (valour). The Christmas-themed sonic identity aims to resonate with the holiday spirit, delivering a unique and memorable sensory experience.

Siddhartha Butalia, Chief Marketing Officer at Air India Express, emphasized the importance of music in enhancing the travel experience. The sonic identity reflects the brand’s vision of inspiring new possibilities and establishing meaningful connections with passengers, infused with unmatched Indian warmth.

Developed in collaboration with BrandMusiq, a prominent sonic branding firm in Asia, the sonic identity incorporates elements from traditional Indian classical music scales or ragas. Instruments such as the violin, sitar, santoor, flute, ghatam, tabla, electric guitar, and synth bass arpeggiator were blended to create a harmonious fusion. This sonic experience aims to reflect India’s rich heritage while projecting a modern and forward-thinking vibe.

The Explorer archetype is represented through an Electric Guitar motif and Synth Bass Arpeggiator, while the Everyperson archetype features the Sitar, Ghatam, and Tabla. The dynamic, confident, and optimistic brand characteristics find expression through a combination of Synth Bass, Kick, and Snare Drums.

Inspired by the Indian ‘Raag Savitri,’ known for its uplifting and cheerful emotions, the sonic identity is based on the dominant scale of Western music. The Middle Eastern version of the sonic identity incorporates authentic instruments indigenous to the region, such as Oud, Bağlama, Darbuka, Mirwas, Bouzouki, and Rebab, providing a unique auditory experience for the diverse communities Air India Express serves.

The airline features various renditions of its sonic identity across multiple platforms, including brand launch films, audio-visual manifestos, in-flight entertainment, website, contact center, and its multilingual Chatbot Tia. The sonic identity, comprising a MOGOSCAPE® (sonic palette), MOGO® (musical logo), and Mini-MOGO® (signature two-tone airline announcement chime), is available for download on the airline’s website and in-flight entertainment hub, AirFlix. This carefully crafted auditory signature aims to enhance brand recognition and create a positive emotional impact on passengers, aligning with Air India Express’s commitment to delivering a seamless and uplifting travel experience.

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