As India anticipates Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s interim budget before the upcoming polls, the stock market is abuzz with expectations. Key sectors, including infrastructure, rural spending, and asset sales, are under scrutiny as the government aims to boost economic indicators.

Focus on Rural Spending

In light of the rural consumption slowdown, the budget is likely to propose measures to stimulate spending in rural areas. With agriculture being a significant part of the economy, traders are keenly watching for support measures for farmers, women, and the underprivileged.

Infrastructure Development

The government’s emphasis on infrastructure building, including roads, ports, and airports, positions companies in these sectors in the spotlight. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi prioritizes capital spending and development projects, stocks of industrial and capital goods firms, such as Larsen & Toubro and Adani Group, have experienced substantial gains.

Market Sentiment

Despite India’s economic growth under PM Modi’s infrastructure-focused policies, foreign investors have withdrawn over $2.6 billion from local equities in the current month. The interim budget is seen as a crucial indicator of the government’s economic assessment, setting the tone for the upcoming national elections.

Rural Consumption Boost

Addressing the weak spot in rural consumption, the budget may introduce income-boosting measures and subsidies for essential commodities. With two-thirds of the population residing in rural areas, stimulating consumption becomes integral for overall economic recovery.

Asset Sale Strategy

The government’s potential announcement of a new privatization strategy is closely monitored as it seeks to meet disinvestment targets. State-run enterprises have witnessed significant gains in anticipation of an increased focus on asset sales post-elections.

Expert Insights

Vinit Sambre, Head of Equities at DSP Mutual Fund, emphasizes the significance of continued momentum in the capital expenditure (capex) cycle, particularly in infrastructure development. Analysts, including Mihir Vora from Trust Asset Management Pvt, expect the budget to address rural consumption challenges and consider higher subsidies for essential goods.


As investors brace for the interim budget, strategic sectors such as infrastructure, rural spending, and asset sales remain pivotal. The budget’s proposals will not only impact market sentiment but also provide insights into the government’s economic outlook as the nation heads into the election season.

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