Renowned singer Udit Narayan lends his soulful voice to “Humein Aage Badhna Aata Hai,” the official anthem for the second season of the Hindustan ki Shaan awards, released by Greenply. The song, composed by acclaimed music creator Nilotpal Bora, pays tribute to the indispensable role played by carpenters in crafting the beautiful spaces that surround us.

Celebrating Craftsmanship Udit Narayan

“Humein Aage Badhna Aata Hai” serves as a lyrical celebration, acknowledging the vital contribution of carpenters in shaping the spaces we inhabit. The song encapsulates the spirit of growth within the carpentry community, shedding light on their diligence and success. With resonating lines like “Humne badla hai khudko, humein badlav lana ata hai,” the song stands as a testament to the transformative journey undertaken by these skilled artisans. The accompanying video visually narrates the inspiring tale of contractors and carpenters working diligently to bring homeowners’ dreams to life, merging technology and inventive solutions to breathe life into these visions.

Hindustan ki Shaan Season 2

Greenply, through Hindustan ki Shaan Season 2, aims to honor outstanding craftsmanship and spotlight remarkable contributions in interior design. The season promises a grand celebration, applauding the hard work and skills of contractors and carpenters nationwide.

Fostering Camaraderie and Innovation Udit Narayan

Beyond mere recognition, Greenply seeks to foster camaraderie within the carpentry community, creating a space for the exchange of innovative ideas and practices. The Hindustan ki Shaan awards pay tribute to the heartbeat of the interior design industry, exemplifying the brand’s unwavering commitment to recognizing and celebrating the tireless efforts of contractors and carpenters embodying a progressive outlook toward growth.

Perspective from Greenply’s CEO

Manoj Tulsian, CEO & Joint Managing Director of Greenply Industries, expressed his thoughts on the release, emphasizing, “This song pays homage to the skill and dedication of the carpenter community that not only builds structures but also weaves stories. The second season of ‘Hindustan ki Shaan’ awards signifies our commitment to recognizing the unsung heroes of the interior design industry. It is an honor for us to extend our admiration to their steadfast commitment to their craft”

In essence, “Humein Aage Badhna Aata Hai” stands as a melodic tribute to the artisans who play a pivotal role in shaping the spaces we call home. Greenply’s commitment to acknowledging and honoring these craftsmen reflects a profound appreciation for their invaluable contributions to the world of interior design.

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