Addressing Illegal Betting: A Call from AIGF

In a recent revelation, the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) sheds light on a concerning issue: India is losing a staggering $2.5 billion annually in Goods and Services Tax (GST) revenue due to offshore betting platforms. Roland Landers, representing AIGF, urges the government to take decisive action against these illegal operations, which not only result in substantial revenue losses but also pose significant risks to users.

Impact on Revenue and Legitimate Gaming Ecosystem

According to Landers, the presence of offshore betting platforms not only deprives the government of crucial GST revenue but also undermines the integrity of India’s legitimate online gaming industry. These platforms operate outside the purview of Indian regulations, evading taxation and contributing to substantial revenue leakage.

Moreover, Landers highlights the adverse effects of these platforms on the domestic gaming ecosystem. By attracting users to unregulated and potentially harmful betting activities, offshore platforms jeopardize the growth and sustainability of homegrown gaming ventures that adhere to regulatory frameworks.

Government Intervention Urged

Given the gravity of the situation, AIGF emphasizes the urgent need for government intervention to curb the proliferation of offshore betting platforms. By enforcing stringent regulatory measures and cracking down on illegal operators, authorities can stem the tide of revenue losses and protect consumers from the risks associated with unregulated gambling.

Impact on User Welfare

Beyond the economic implications, Landers underscores the negative impact of offshore betting platforms on user welfare. With minimal oversight and accountability, these platforms expose consumers to various risks, including financial losses, addiction, and fraudulent practices. The absence of regulatory safeguards leaves users vulnerable to exploitation and undermines public confidence in online gaming.

Regulatory Measures and Awareness Campaigns

To address this multifaceted challenge, AIGF advocates for a comprehensive approach that combines regulatory enforcement with awareness campaigns. By raising awareness about the risks associated with offshore betting and promoting responsible gaming practices, stakeholders can empower consumers to make informed choices and safeguard their interests.

Government Initiatives and Industry Collaboration

Recent initiatives by government bodies, such as the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the Central Consumer Protection Authority, to caution influencers against endorsing betting and gambling platforms reflect a growing recognition of the need for concerted action. Collaboration between regulatory authorities, industry stakeholders, and advocacy groups is essential to combatting the proliferation of offshore betting and protecting India’s gaming ecosystem.


The revelation of substantial GST revenue losses due to offshore betting platforms underscores the urgent need for regulatory intervention and industry collaboration. By addressing this pressing issue, authorities can safeguard government revenues, protect consumer welfare, and foster a thriving and responsible gaming environment in India.

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