Sunil Gavaskar, the legendary Indian cricketer, has ignited a debate by calling out perceived double standards in the way pitches are discussed, particularly when compared to India. This comes in response to the criticism surrounding the pitch used for the fourth Test match between India and England in Ranchi.

English Media Murmurs and Vaughan’s Shock

Leading up to the Ranchi encounter, murmurs emerged in the English media, especially among former players, about the pitch’s condition. Former England captain Michael Vaughan even went as far as calling it a “shocker.” Both teams faced challenges navigating the pitch, with cracks widening significantly on Day 3, leading to the fall of 13 wickets, 12 of which were claimed by spinners. England’s batting line-up experienced a dramatic collapse, further fueling the discussion around the pitch.

Gavaskar’s Fuming Response

However, Gavaskar wasn’t pleased with the constant criticism directed at the Ranchi pitch. He pointed out instances of similar pitches in other countries, particularly in Perth and Brisbane, that didn’t receive the same level of scrutiny.

Highlighting Double Standards

Speaking during the third day of the Ranchi Test, Gavaskar commented on James Anderson’s dismissal of Kuldeep Yadav, suggesting the Indian batsman wasn’t at fault. He attributed the dismissal to the uneven bounce of the pitch rather than any technical error by the batsman.

Gavaskar further elaborated on the ongoing debate, stating that he has witnessed similar cracks on pitches in Perth and Brisbane. However, these pitches rarely face the same level of criticism from cricket experts, who often reserve their harshest critiques for pitches in India.

Gavaskar’s Statement

“I have seen cracks in the pitches of Perth and Brisbane. When the ball hits the crack in Perth, it goes very viciously past your head. But then nothing happens. You got to play that. You got to show your gumption and guts. But when it happens in India, oh my god, all hell breaks loose,” he remarked on air.

Jurel’s Heroics and England’s Collapse

Following Kuldeep’s dismissal, Dhruv Jurel displayed his fighting spirit by adopting an aggressive approach against the England spinners. His inspiring 90-run knock significantly reduced India’s first-innings deficit to just 46 runs.

In response, England’s batting unit failed to capitalize on their lead. The Indian spin trio of Ravichandran Ashwin, Kuldeep Yadav, and Ravindra Jadeja orchestrated the England collapse, claiming all 10 wickets. Notably, Ashwin set a record with his five-wicket haul, his 35th in Test cricket, while Kuldeep bagged four wickets. This exceptional bowling performance restricted England to a meager 145 runs, setting a modest target of 192 runs for India to chase in the fourth Test.


Gavaskar’s statement reignited the debate surrounding pitch disparity in cricket. While pitches with similar characteristics in certain countries fly under the radar, those in India often face intense scrutiny. This disparity in commentary raises questions about the potential for bias in the analysis of playing surfaces.

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