Mumbai: Sparks flew at Mukesh Patel College in Mumbai as fans of former Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma protested the new captaincy by forcing the removal of Hardik Pandya’s poster.

Loyal Fans Unhappy: This comes after Pandya was named the new captain for the upcoming IPL 2024 season, replacing the highly successful Rohit Sharma. Rohit’s fans, who hold him dear for leading the team to five IPL titles, have strongly opposed the decision.

Poster Controversy: The drama unfolded when Pandya, invited for a college event, had his captaincy-themed poster displayed. However, students, mostly Rohit fans, expressed their disapproval and demanded its removal.

Social Media Frenzy: This incident highlights the intense emotions surrounding the captaincy change. Social media is abuzz with criticism of the decision, and fans are protesting, demanding Rohit’s return.

Pandya’s Return & Mixed Reactions: Pandya’s comeback to Mumbai Indians marks a new chapter, but his captaincy faces resistance. Despite leading Gujarat Titans previously, his appointment sparks skepticism from Rohit’s loyal fanbase.

Leadership Under Scrutiny: Pandya’s past leadership with Gujarat Titans saw mixed results. After recovering from an ankle injury, his recent performance in the DY Patil T20 Cup showcased his all-round talent.

Simmering Tensions: As the IPL season nears, tensions between Rohit fans and Pandya supporters simmer. The poster incident reflects the passionate loyalty fans hold for their favorite players, even beyond team affiliations.


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