Indian cricket team head coach Rahul Dravid hinted at the possibility of Virat Kohli’s comeback for the remaining three Test matches against England in the ongoing series. Kohli had opted out of the first two matches due to personal reasons, sparking speculation about his return.

Dravid’s Statement

During a press conference following India’s win in the second Test, Dravid stated that the selectors would be the best authority to comment on Kohli’s situation. He mentioned that the team selection process for the upcoming Tests would occur in the next few days, and they would communicate with Kohli to determine the next steps.

BCCI’s Request for Privacy

Previously, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) urged everyone to respect Kohli’s privacy amidst his absence from the matches. However, former teammate AB de Villiers shed some light on Kohli’s situation, revealing that he was spending time with his family as they anticipated the arrival of his second child.

De Villiers’ Insights

De Villiers shared that Kohli expressed the need to be with his family during this period. He emphasized the importance of family and supported Kohli’s decision to prioritize them. De Villiers’ comments offered some clarity on Kohli’s absence from the cricket field.

India’s Victory in the Second Test

India clinched a series-levelling win in the second Test against England, dismissing them for 292 runs in their second innings. The victory came as a result of collective bowling efforts, with R Ashwin leading the charge, staying one wicket away from reaching the milestone of 500 Test wickets.

Series Status

With the series now level at 1-1, the anticipation around Kohli’s potential return adds further intrigue to the upcoming matches. As India prepares for the next Tests, the focus remains on team selection and strategic decisions to maintain momentum and secure victory against England.

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