In a significant development for the technology landscape, Chennai has solidified its position as the Software as a Service (SaaS) capital of India. The city welcomed the inauguration of a cutting-edge data centre by Digital Connexion on Friday. The facility is strategically designed to cater to the critical infrastructure requirements of enterprises and digital service companies. Palanivel Thiaga Rajan, Tamil Nadu Minister of Information Technology and Digital Services, presided over the formal opening ceremony alongside CB Velayuthan, CEO of Digital Connexion.

This state-of-the-art data centre is a venture by Digital Connexion, a company promoted by Reliance Industries Ltd, Brookfield, and Digital Realty Company.

Digital Connexion Expands Footprint

The inauguration event marked the establishment of Digital Connexion’s new data centre in Chennai, reinforcing the city’s prominence in the SaaS domain. The presence of influential entities like Reliance Industries Ltd, Brookfield, and Digital Realty Company underlines the significance of Chennai as a hub for technology infrastructure and services.

Minister’s Perspective

Tamil Nadu Minister Palanivel Thiaga Rajan highlighted the critical role played by Chennai in the technology ecosystem, emphasizing its status as the SaaS capital of the country. The minister’s presence at the inauguration event underscores the government’s support for technological advancements and infrastructure development in the region.

Cutting-Edge Infrastructure

Digital Connexion’s data centre stands as a testament to the commitment to technological excellence. The facility is equipped with advanced infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of enterprises and digital service providers. Its strategic location in Chennai positions it as a key player in supporting the digital transformation initiatives of businesses.

Key Collaborators

Digital Connexion’s collaboration with Reliance Industries Ltd, Brookfield, and Digital Realty Company brings together a formidable combination of industry expertise and financial strength. This collaboration signals a commitment to delivering reliable and innovative technology solutions in the region.

Future Prospects

The inauguration of this data centre marks a significant step forward in Chennai’s trajectory as a technology powerhouse. With a focus on serving the critical infrastructure requirements of businesses, Digital Connexion’s facility is poised to contribute to the growth of the digital economy in the region.

In conclusion, the event not only showcases the expansion of Digital Connexion but also underscores Chennai’s pivotal role in fostering technological advancements, particularly in the SaaS sector. The establishment of this state-of-the-art data centre reflects the city’s commitment to becoming a leader in technology infrastructure and services.

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